Bitty Buttons...

Hello again!
I haven't finished my baby booties yet (I have a new little brother now, so I'm knitting blue booties for him). But yesterday I found some crafting clay from kitchen and decided to make few little things from it. I really like doing little things with my fingers, even though it takes time. This is an ice cream I made for my cell phone. Isn't it cute?? I just luv it.
I also made few buttons that I can use in my softies. There's one fox, 4 carrots, 1 smiley, 4 apples and a flower. And then I ran out of ideas.

Moi taas,
Tällaisia Cernit-massa juttuja olen saanut aikaiseksi... Yhden jättisöpön kännykorun ja muutaman napin, joita sitten voin ommella omiin pehmoihini tai uuden pikkuveljen vaatteisiin.




  1. Blogissani on Sinulle jotain... :)

    Terv. Liinis

  2. I love them! How fantastic! You should put up a tutorial on how you made them, and what kind of clay to use!


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