Monday, March 12, 2018

Old ideas


I've graduated from university and started working, and I already miss lectures (even the boring ones) and I've just realised how much I still have to learn and keep on learning.
It has been a task to find time to knit, going to work at 8 a.m and being back home at 16.30 and then cooking, household tasks and so on... It is quite a change in life.

This past month had a very cold weather and I had to dig up from the bottom of my parents' closet my knitted socks and I got an inspiration to pick up knitting needles after a while.

I've had an idea to knit  a lizard for about 10 years now and I thought that it would be challenging enough for this week. I didn't have a plan for on how to make the hands (or the 15 yr old me couldn't figure it out). My first sketch was green, but I didn't have that colour. So after a quick google search I decided on orange.

I had to reknit hands at least 6 times and thumbs are still missing (I figured out how to do that while knitting feet...) I made a mistake in the head, should have used orange more instead of yellow and the tail is tooooo short (well this lizard got scared and dropped it). And the neck is a bit floppy, should have sewn it better and with more stuffing.
I'll try to get the pattern published but at the moment it is just a mess in my sketch book...

And I just wanted to share this pic of my new little bunny :)

Friday, January 5, 2018


I have had a long break from posting, but at least I have pretty good explanations about it, we had our finals this year and try going through all the things that have been thaugth to you during these past four years, that's a lot of studying to do. And most of the evenings your'e just so tired that you can't motivate yourself to do anything except a little jogging.
My two new favourites :)

But now I had a two week holiday and it was bliss, I had time to do shopping and use my dress fabrics I bought months ago.
I really like dresses, always like the and now that I had a holiday I had every reason to make them. And I found our local fabric shop. It is so cute and small, but I love these countryside fabricshops, stacked with fabrics from floor to ceiling and the atmosphere is just special.
But for the dresses:
I'm quite happy with them actually, I made one for parties, one for work and one is for next spring/summer. I still have two fabrics to use, one asian style silk and one summerdress fabric. I have this crazy idea to try to sew my own qi pao/cheongsam style, but that needs to wait until I've gotten rid of this crazy flu.

This one is the more for home or work use, I kinda messed up the squares with the top part, I adjust the squares the wrong while cutting the front piece on fold, I don't know what was I thinking...
The fabric is nice, but I still need to make a few adjustments to the hem. But aren't we all still learning? It would actually be pretty boring if there wasn't anything left to improve in our sewing skills, right?

 This is probably one of the craziest ideas I've had, this pattern was for a silk dress. I used cotton, with spots and tried to imagene how the dress would look like. I had to change to direction of the pleats, but it turned out very nice. Because I'm short, I had to shorten hem and now it is 2cm too short, well but that doesn't bother me too much. I still love this dress.

 The party dress turned out pretty well, the fabric is i-have-no-idea-how-old and it is from a supermega sale, bought it for probably 2euros and thought it would make a nice dress for a little girl, but instead I got a magazine with just the right dress pattern for this fabric and this turned out soooo nice.
 It was easy to sew actually, I was scared at first that it wouldn't fit, but actually now it is perfect.
Every dress is made with an invisible zipper, and I love the my sewing machine's foot for invisible zippers that I bought for my wedding dress. So if you don't own that kind of thing, meaning the part for your sewing machine, I advice you to get one. They're very easy to use, at least with a youtube tutorial.

- Minttusuklaa

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sewing and other crafts

Hello dear readers,
I haven't yet brought my sewing machine to my new home, the reason is that I don't have a table to use for sewing. And I really don't like sewing on the dining table in kitchen, it just doesn't feel nice knowing that there might be some leftovers on the floor with you fabrics, even if you have cleaned everything quite well.
This past week I've helped my sis to sew trousers, that were a success in the end and at the same thing I did sew some of my use-all-ugly-fabric projects.
I still don't know what made me do kids clothes in the first place, but at least those super quick to make.
Here are just a few I made, all overalls or something like that. I found an old sewing magazine form around -98 with good baby patterns and made overalls on the left. And on the right I also made the overall from an old magazine. I wasn't happy with the pattern and the result is not-so-good. But at least the fabric is nice, right?

And this is a head for a doll. I made a similar when I was about a 4th grader from white clay and I think that doll broke and mum threw it away. It was a baby boy doll, with blue eyes and dark hair. It's a pity that I don't have a picture of it... I don't know yet what this is going to be.

Have a nice week!
- Minttusuklaa

Monday, September 25, 2017

Dolls and more dolls

Hello all,
I had a lot of free time last week (and I could have used it better though) and of course I was looking for new ideas abot what to make instead of finishing all the school essays.
When I was in 4th grade or so my mom's friends organized a day where I made a clay doll and for the past week my fingers have been itching to make one. Where I live now, there are no craft shops near, so today I finally managed to go and by some airdry clay.
In Finland I couldn't find any retailers selling good doll clay, so I opted for air dry children's clay and I ended up with my. I hope it is a good idea, I haven't tried it at all. But it was mistakenly on sale, so that's why I bought it...
So my next post will probably be about how I managed to do a doll from that. I'm thinking of making the head and hands/feet from clay, and the body will be probably made from cotton fabric.
And when I went to the shop I was so happy that I found dollneedles from there, I've wanted to buy a long needle for making soft toys and now I have three.The palstic eggs are for the doll's head, and in case I decide to make more than one doll I bought several...

And my new doll says hello, he still doesn't have clothes. But at least I managed to give him hair.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Back to normal life

My studies still continue and I still do knitting during boring and not-so-boring lectures. Yesterday and today I've spent my time totally multitasking: Reading to a test/listening to a test/ Knitting, so it is time well spent.
I did an argeological adventure to my yarn stash and found my skin colour yarns and decided to test knit my own basic body pattern I had written down in April. The doll turned out nice, though it is still in pieces.I used DK yarn (drops muskat) and 2,5mm needles. Last time knitted the doll with 2,5mm needles and fignering yarn. I think this doll turned out a bit too large, but well, it is cute enough. I took over 100grams of yarn. Next time using DK yarn, I'm going to do some adjustments to the pattern to make the doll smaller.
My idea was to make a wedding couple, but I don't know about this one. I can picture it in baby or toddler clothes in my head mostly, which is totally crazy. It probably depends on the eye colour I decide to use.
I'm trying to get the basic body pattern to the point where I can publish it, but it still needs some fixes to it. The doll is done both knitting in flat and using DPNs. I like when I can use both techniques, it gives a fun feeling to knitting.
In the future I hope to do patterns that combinen both knitting and croheting, that would be so cool :)

P.s. Now I can finally say that I've finally moved out from my parents place, like after seven years of studying. Though I still have about 1/3 of my stuff in my old room that now belongs to my lil bro. And every time I visit my parents and use my old room, he comes in asks: What are you doing IN MY ROOM?. He even put a sign on the door that says it is his room. He is just so cute.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Wedding dress Final part

Hello dear readers!

I got married yesterday and so far I've liked my married life. This past month was very hectic but I managed to get my dress done in the end.
I had so many troubles during the process, but the dress turned out fabulous. It took weeks to finish, but it was totally worth every tear, all the sweating and blood stains on the white fabric. My wedding was just so perfect!
Almost everything I wore on my day was DIY: my dress, petticoat, bolero, veil, rose for hair. Well the shoes I bought.
So because this is a knitting/crocheting/sewing blog,  I need to give out basic insturctions or ideas for people that want to make their own wedding dress/evening dress
I'll post the picture of the finished dress after I get back from my short trip and I have time to go through all the pics taken from wedding.

This  posting is about the dress, I'll make next post about other wedding accesories
1) Take your time deciding the pattern and consider different options
2) Choose fabric wisely. I made my dress from Duchess Satin and it was a good fabric. Easy enough to sew and believe it or not, but I dropped coffee on my hem during the event and I just needed to wipe it away, the gabric didn't stain. (But I happen to have grass marks on the hem from picture session)
3) Do enough practice runs and pattern modifications. I made two practice version of the bodice and it was a good thing to do. It is so much easerie to adjust the length of the back and the fitting of the breasts with practice fabric. Do fitting with enough mirrors and with a help of a frien or a bridesmaid.
4) If you have a large hem and a fitted bodice consider making the dress in two pieces. My bodice was fitted and I didn't need addtional support from bones/rigillene, but because the hem was full length half a circle I weighted so much, I thought that it would pull the bodice too low. My stress was strapless and quite low cut and I didn't want to spend time adjusting the dress and being scarde that it would reveal too much.

4b) If you make it a two piece dress BUY a LONG enough zipper!!! I had to redo the zipper at least three or four times and it left small holes on the fabric (if you have the patience you do buttons...) I bought a separate foot for invisible zippers for sewing machine, it cost a lot, but the zipper turned out good. Remember to too the practice runs so that you have the amount of sewing allowances for zipper measured correctly. I had trouble trying to take of the dress so I needed to redo the zipper again and adjust it better.
4c) I bough a 45cm zipper and sewed the whole zipper to the dress bodice. Then closed the zipper and just to the lower part I made a few stistch for a zipper stopper and the I cut the left over zipper with scissor.
5) You can save ugly parts with pearls. The internet is full of amazing tutorials on different kind of pearl flowers and so on.
6) Cold water + mom is a good combination if you happen to get blood on your dress like I did.
7) Some people turn the bottom part of hem and sticht it by hand, I had a special foot for hem turning that came with the sewing machine when I bought it. I've never used it and didn't know how to, but there was a good german tutorial on YouTube and hey, it is a good thing to learn something new.
These are just few of the thing I learnt making my own dress. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Wedding dress part I

Hello all,I had a loooong week at work, normally it is not that peacuful in a hospital ward, but the past week was. So I was quite energized after coming home and had time to start sewing my wedding dress and this posting is  about what I've learnt so far:

1) Choosing the pattern
  It can be tricky to find a pattern that matches your tastes. I went through my old sewing magzines and borrowed magazines from my friends. There were many good options or patterns that were usable for a wedding dresses like ball gowns/evening dresses/dancing gowns/party tops and shirts/skirts.
I had an idea what to do but  I changed the pattern midway thorugh, because I couldn't find a decents pattern for an illusion neckline and I saw the price tag for the prettiest laces. And I didn't want to use lace that costs 70 euros/meter, so I opted for a more ball gown type style.
I got an suggestion to visit dress shops to see what kind of a dress style suits my body type, but guess who never had time to actually do that? And besides I always end up picking similar dress: a fitted bodice and a full skirt,  I just like that kind of dresse so why bother changing my style?

2) Getting an idea what to buy
 Go to the fabric store and ask all tricky questions you have concerning the materials there. Check out the fabrics they have and how those fabrics feel to your touch and imagine that you are spending an entire day in that fabric. And it is a good thing to know your charcter, I know that I wouldn't have the patience to use elastic fabric or a very thin fabric. That is the main reason why I am choosing something like satin or taffeta.
The personnel is there for you to help to pick the right fabric and get what you need. And at least in Finland I got good recommendations from one the women in the fabric store about where to find the rest of my shopping list that they didn't have. They are experts on what kind of needles and thread to choose.

3) First prototype
I made my first attempt at the bodice model this week just see if the pattern fits or is it a total disaster on me. I used an old curtain fabric I had in my storage, I just made the pattern according to all instruncitons and didn't do any alternations. I cut the fabric with the corrcet seam allowances and didn't do any finishing touches yet. The result isn't that pretty I guess but it gives me the idea of how the bodice will look and what tricks I need to do the pattern before making a second prototype.
Use cheap or old fabric for prototypes, I've had old fabrics around as long as I can remember and old curtains are just good. I used cotton fabric for mine because the final dress will be fitted and I wanted to use a fabric that doesn't stretch. If I had ended up using lace or some more elastic fabric I would've picked propaplya more elastic fabric for a prototype.
Good thing about using cotton is that I could draw all seam allowances on fabric along with other cuts. It made the sewing so much easier. I know that I can't use normal pen on satin or taffeta, but who cares about the prototypes?

Seam allowances drawn on fabric
Extra1: Buy a good sewing handbook, you are going to need it. I found mine on sale for 10 euros and it is worth every cent now.
Extra2: It is a good thing to have a good relationship with your old handicrafts teacher back in school, my old teacher was very happy to offer advice on how to do a fitted bodice.

Have a blessed week!
- Minttusuklaa, who is having trouble not to turn this into a wedding blog