Saturday, February 25, 2017

Winter winter

Best winter greetings for all,

I've had a looooooong study week, days from 8 a.m and sometimes even until 6 p.m. I hope that I've learnt something.
I'm glad I've had time to knit and do some sports, yesterday I was skiing (in the dark, I forgot my light home) after school. 
I'm working on a hockey player, but I ran out of blue yarn. I ordered new on monday but I didn't get it this week (hopefully it arrives next week, it should) so I had to make some other stuff.
The first project is my little winter princess bear, I used my gingerbear pattern. The yarn I used was one of those old ugly yarns I have in my stash. I made her a crown, she has been too busy playing with snow so it has almost fallen down and I used some silver yarn to crochet "snowflakes". She is pretty cute, don't you think?
I also knitted a baby cardigan and a hat. They're for my #uglyarn project. I had almost world's ugliest yarn, an old chunky fluffy yarn and I ran out while knitting the cardigan. That is the reason the sleeves are so crazy looking. The collar I made was a bit thight, so I had to exclude the 4th button. The hat is my own creation. I had a pattern for more chunkier yarn, so I just udjusted the gauge for smaller needles and changed the stitch pattern.

Next week I hope to have the ice hockey player ready. And I have still #uglyarn left, and I have no idea what to knit next with that....
 - Minttusuklaa

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Time well spent

Hi all,

I've been knitting so much this past week that I have a blister on my finger and believe it is annoying, I'll probably have to do some crocheting or sewing for a while or change knitting needles to bamboo ones.

I've had very long days at uni and lectures in small rooms with no proper air conditioning and about very tuff themes. And in order that I won't fall asleep or do something totally else with my laptop in front of me (like watch movies) I took knitting projects to school.

And here I'll introduce you: Mr. Pappa (means grandpa in English), totally worth time I spent doing him. Pattern is my own, and I'll probably publish the body pattern someday (after doing some adjustments to it). This is my third time since last spring to make a doll, and now I feel quite happy with the result.
He is made from fingering yarn with 2.5mm needles, form my #uglyarn project. I had to reknit the body probably twice because he started to look like a grandpa with a long-lasting medications with side effects.

I still have a skein of that disgusting green yarn. I just came up with the clothes as I knitted. The glasses are crocheted.

My friend told me when I sent the first picture of the glasses: 'he looks lika minion' and I had to tell him: 'he is a grandpa, so of course he can wear glasses upside down!'. And he also told me that grandpas need a horse, how am I supposed to knit that??????

The hair is crocheted and embroided, I almost used all my silver-colored yarn. The result is nice thou, just search owlishly hair tutorial you get the idea how I did the hair.

- Minttusuklaa

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Hello all!
The picture above is my button collections, I absolutely love buttons and I think I've inherited that from my great-grandmothers, they all are deceased but I guess that everyone one of them (or at least 3/4) collected or had buttons treasured somewhere. Some of my collection comes from them, but mostly I just dig through the sales box in my local fabric shop.
But buttons are just so useful to add extra cuteness to the stuff you do, when I grow old I hope to have as good button collection as my grandmothers have and many nice projects where I've used those buttons :)

- Minttusuklaa

P.s. #uglyarn is going well, I've almost finished my Laptop case (pics coming soon), it is jus missing a zipper and I finally decided what buttons to use for my romper from last posting. My current project is also a wolleen babything and I'm just knitting the yoke (my first one and absolutely a pain). And after that I'm going to take break from #uglyarn and knit or crohet some toys.

Button cuteness #uglyarn

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

#uglyarn continues

Hello all,

My #uglyyarn-project is going quite well. I got projects number 2 and 3 done. Both are baby stuff, even though I'm not having kids in any near future. But I hope that my frineds get married and have kids. I had very old Novita Kotiväki yarn, I probably bought about ten years ago. Even before I had my blog.I found patterns from old sewing magazines, and did some modifications. All in all I'm quite happy. First project is a dress and I'm so happy with the result. I found the the dress chart in Ravelry.
Second project was some sort of a baby overall. The pattern was a disaster. First the instuctions were unclear and every measurement was totally wrong and that's way the bodice doesn't have a yellow stripe. I had to do so many adjustments. Well the result is pretty, but I guess very not-so-practical for a baby.

My next project is a laptop case from an old acrylic plum coloured yarn.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Slow progress


Last spring I knitted two dolls and they've been hidden in my knitting basket and waiting for clothes and accessories. This weekend I just had the motivation to finish one of them:
The pattern is my own (and I'm not completely satisfied with it yet) and mostly I came up with it while knitting. I think I need to make one more, just to make the doll body pattern perfect.
The doll is knitted flat, overalls in round and the hair was just a pain in the neck.
Took forever to finish, but I'm happy. She is still missing shoes and a few finishing touches, but all in all I'm happy. Next time I just need to make a bigger head, and a bit bigger body and insert eyes lower. And maybe I'll add pockets to the overalls and porbably she needs a garden of her own.

The other doll is still unfinished, my youngest brother wants him to be an ice hockey player, any ideas where I can find knitted skates or a knitted helmet?

My #uglyyarn is also doing fine, I finished the dress and began knitting a baby overall. I've almost used that lila and yellow yarn from the last posting :)

- Minttusuklaa

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

#uglyarn #stashbusting

my studies began this week and we've had lectures about different mental disorders (is that politically correct?) and because I don't bother taking notes, (maybe I should, but I still don't) I have time to knit and concentrate to what the lecturer is saying.

I went through my stash few days ago and I realised that I HAVE A LOT of ugly yarn or yarn that I have absolutely no idea what to do about it. All thath fluffy and furry yarn, what was I thinking when I bought it? Those earthgreenlittlefurrythings I've received from my friends. Yup, they come to me with a bag and say: Hey, I have a lot of unused yarn, maybe you can make something out of it? And I just can't say no. And then yarn that I've received as gift, I just can't throw it away, can I?

So I decide to make #uglyarn projects during my boring lectures and here is my first project: a cardigan for a kid. The pattern is just a basic cardigan pattern, and just to use yarn I added pockets and  the hood.

I'm quite satisfied actually. It took a week to knit and finish and the yarn I got from my dad is about used.

My next project is a dress, made from 14ply cotton yarn. And the hem is about halfway done.
- Minttusuklaa

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Gingerbear *Free pattern*

As promised yesterday, here is my next pattern. I haven't done a crochet pattern for about years, so I apologize for any stupid or unclear instructions. Hopefully the pattern is ok.
I had trouble with legs, the first one was okay, but for the 2nd one I had some troubles because I couldn't match the decreases, but all in all I guess I did okay.

I love gingerbreads, I really do, but last Christmas I just didn't have enough time to bake any, so I made on that lasts longer. But for my surprise I ran out of syrup (sorry, my gingerbread yarn), that's why her left leg is so white.

You need:
A hook ( I used 3mm) and yarn. I had worsted, but DK is fine also. Just match the hook with the yarn. 
Safety eyes

Ch 2, 6sc to the 2nd ch from the hook.
1) 2sc to the every sc (12sc)
2)(2 sc in first sc, sc in next sc) repeat around (18 sc)
3) (2sc in next sc, sc in next 2sc) repeat around (24 sc)
4) (2 sc in next sc, sc in next 3sc) repeat around (30 sc)
5) (2 sc in next sc, sc in next 4sc) repeat around (36sc)                                                                    
6) (2 sc in next sc, sc in next 5sc) repeat around (42 sc)
7-14) sc in every sc
15) (sc-dec, sc in next 5sc) repeat around.                                                                                           
16) (sc-dec, sc in next 4sc) repeat around.
17) (sc-dec, sc in next 3sc) repeat around
18) (sc-dec, sc in next 2sc) repeat around
19) (sc-dec, sc) repeat aruond
BO and stuff. If you want to use safety eyes, attach them before stuffing

Ch 2, 6sc to the 2nd ch from the hook.
1) 2sc to the every sc (12sc)
2)(2 sc in first sc, sc in next sc) repeat around (18 sc)
3) (2sc in next sc, sc in next 2sc) repeat around (24 sc)
4) (2 sc in next sc, sc in next 3sc) repeat around (30 sc)
5) (2 sc in next sc, sc in next 4sc) repeat around (36 sc)                                                                       
6) (2 sc in next sc, sc in next 5sc) repeat around (42 sc)
7-9) sc in every sc
10) (sc-dec, sc in next 5sc) repeat around.                           
11-13) sc in every sc                                                               
 14) (sc-dec, sc in next 4sc) repeat around.
15-16) sc in every sc
17) (sc-dec, sc in next 3sc) repeat around                                     
 18-19) sc in every sc
20) (sc-dec, sc in next 2sc) repeat around                                
21) sc in every sc
22) (sc-dec, sc) repeat aruond                                                                                                
23) sc in every sc. Bind off and stuff the body. Sew head to the body securely.

Ch 2, 7sc to the 2nd ch from the hook.
1) 2sc to the every sc (14sc)                                                                                                             
2-5) sc in every sc.
Bind off. Sew ears to

Ear and licourice

Hands and arms: Here I used a bobble stitch for the thumb (you can find the tutorial here)
Ch 2, 6sc to the 2nd ch from the hook.
1) 2sc to the every sc (12sc)
2)(2 sc in first sc, sc in next sc) repeat around (18 sc)                                                              
3-5) sc in every sc                                                                     
6) (sc-dec, sc) repeat aruond 
7)Bobble stitch with five loops in the end to the first sc, (sc-dec, sc) repeat (_) to end.            
 8-9) sc in every sc                                                                  
 10) 2sc in one sc, sc x 3, 2sc in one sc, sc x2 (11sc)                                                  
11-19)Sc in every sc
Bind of and stuff hands. Attach and sew hands to the body.
1) Ch 12, sc to the 2nd sc from the hook, sc to every ch, turn hook to the other side of ch chain and make a sc to every ch again (22sc in total)

V= sc O= ch

2) 2sc x2, 1sc x6, 2sc x6, 1sc x6, 2sc x 2   (This is how I mark the decreases and increases, basically this means: 2sc to first and second sc/total 4sc, 1sc to next 6sc, 2sc in next 6sc/total 12sc, 1 sc to next 6sc, 2sc to second to last and last sc/4sc in total.)                                                    
3) 1sc x10, 2sc x3, 1sc x6, 2sc x3, 1sc x10                                                             
4-6) sc in every sc (38sc in total, if you don’t have 38 sc here, just increase one or decrease on sc)   
7) 1sc x 11, sc-dec, 1sc x2, sc-dec, 1sc x2, sc-dec x 3, 1sc x2, sc-dec, 1sc x 2, sc-dec, 5sc         
8) 1sc x9, sc-dec, 1sc x2, sc-dec, 1sc, sc-dec x3, 1sc, sc-dec, 1sc x2, sc-dec, 1scx2                        
9) 1scx8, sc-dec, 1sc, sc-dec, 1sc x2, sc-dec, 1sc x2, sc-dec, 1sc, sc-dec                                   
10) 1sc x7, sc-dec, 1sc x2, sc-dec x2, 1sc x2, sc-dec                                                                     
11) 1sc x7, sc-dec, 1sc, sc-dec, 1sc, sc-dec                                                                                    
 12-23) sc in every sc
BO and stuff. Attach legs securely to the bottom of the body.

Ch5, sc to the 2nd ch from the hook. Next row: 2s, 2sc, sc, sc, 2sc, slip stitch. Cut off yarn. ATtach nose to the face and embroider a mouth also.

Join green yarn to the bottom of the body, ch 30, join yarn to the body with and sc. Sew chain to a heart shape.
Ch desired length, (1sc, 1dc, 1sc) to 2nd sc from the hook, one slip stitch. Repeat (_), slip stitch to the end.
Ch2, 5sc to the second ch from the hook.

Ch2, 4sc to the 2nd ch from the hook. 2sc in each sc. Cut off yarn and pull it through the remaining stitch.
The white and green straps (or whatever term is good to use) are just a desired length of chains stitches, that are sewn in place.

White stuff for legs:
I joined the yarn to the top part of the leg, did a chain of about 40ch and the sewed it to a swirl. I joinde yarn to the the foor, made a chian of about 20ch and sewed it into a swirl. 

And after finishing of all yarn endings and so... Your little gingerbear is ready.You can sell toys made from this pattern, but don't sell the pattern itself. The pattern isn't tested so please tell me if you find any errors, I'll try to fix them 😊

And of course I'd love to see pics, if you've made a gingerbear!! Blessed 2017!

- Minttusuklaa