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Updates and random stuff

Seriously, I've decided that I utterly dislike moving! Packing boxes, wahsing dishes, cleaning up... Uuurrrgghhh. I really do not like it!! But I guess that moving out is just part of growing up and so on. Mum tells me that I'm a littel hamster, who just has collected "stuff" (random mugs, plates, towels etc.) all her life. Well I guess that's true, I have boxes full of plates under my bed and next weekend I get my own little flat (or a room) and now I need to pack my things, which is easer said than done. Preferably I'd just knit that hamster... 
I've made a few potholders and I think I need to sew curtains, cushions and stuff like that, any ideas for good patterns or tutorials?
The worst thing about moving out is that I already miss my little siblings and mum and dad, and my own old bed.

But I'm glad that spring is coming soon! I can't wait for small flowers and green grass and small leaves on trees.

All the best!

Jelly babies and knitting

Hello and happy February!

I took orange and purple yarn to lectures day before yesterda and started crocheting. Boys sitting with me in the lecture asked, what I was making (I said I didn't know) and this is the result:
I plan to make a whole rainbow of Jelly Babies, but now I have only these three. At least I'm going to make a green one, red one and a blue one (probabyl black and white also). It took only 40mins to make each.  The body and legs are crocheted as one piece and arms are made separatedly.  And I also got myself DPNs size 7mm and I have been able to start knitting an new hat for myself. My old one is not-so-fashionable any more and I need a new (that is just an excuse to get new yarn and new needles... But I guess everyone knows that already). And lastly I got a summer job for next summer earlier this week (can't wait for summer) and I'll be moving next month, so I'll be super busy trying to find furniture and making curtains and cushions and potholder…