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Coffee cup chart and pattern for frogs clothes

This is an edit for my previuos post as promised :)

Back and front piece are similar. On the front piece the is the coffee cup intarsia. Make 2 Cast on 15 sts Rib k1,p1 for 2 Begin the chart with K row and work the chart, every other row is a purl row (in total 19 rows). For back piece just knit st-st for 19 rows. Next row: k4, [p1,k1] three times, k4 Next row: P4, cast off 7 sts, p4 Next row: K4, turn Next row: Cast off p-wise 4sts. Join the yarn to the other shoulder, k4 Next row: Cast off p-wise.
Sew shoulders together and pick up in total 12 sts from both sides of shoulder seam. Beginning with k row, st-st 4 rows. Knit in rib (p1,k1) 2 rows, cast off.
Sew the side seams together and finish off all yarnendings. I embroidered the text COFFEE underneath the cup.

Scarf: Cast on 4sts. With g-st knit for about 6 inches/16cm and cast off.
Cast on 8sts with brown yarn. P1 row. Next row: K1, [m1,k1] repeat [_] to end Purl 1 row

Blessed Christmas-time and... a free frog pattern

Frog pattern
You need: Green Dk yarn Knitting needles size 3mm Filling A bit of white and black yarn Tapestry needle
So this was a quick project to make and I hope the pattern is ok please tell me if you find any errors :)
Head: Cast on 11sts wiht green yarn Purl 1 row Next row: K1, [m1,k1] repeat [_] to end Purl 1 row Next row: K1, [m1,k5] repeat [_] to end Purl 1 row Next row: K1, [m1,k6] repeat [_] to end Beg with P row st-st 9 rows Next row: K1, [k2tog, k5] repeat [_] to end Purl 1 row Next row: K1, [k2tog, k4] repeat [_] to end Purl 1 row Next row: K1, [k2tog, k3] repeat [_] to end Purl 1 row Next row: K1, [k2tog, k2] repeat [_] to end BO. Sew the back seam of the head and fill
Body: Cast on 8 sts with green yarn. Beginning at the bottom P 1 row Next row: K1, [m1,k1] repeat [_] to end Purl 1 row Next row: K1, [m1,k2] repeat [_] to end Beg with P row st-st 3 rows. Next row: K1, [m1,k10] repeat [_] to end Beg with P row st-st 7 rows Next: [k2tog, k6] repeat [_] to end Purl 1 ro…

Stash busting

Hello all,
I'm on holiday (finally). I could really write a book about how busy and stressful your life can get. I've really learned to value the little freetime I have by myself now, and how to make good use of it. I "moved" to a very net-free part of Finland and the internet on my mobile phone is not that good to upload pics.
I have this yellow fluffy yarn and I'm trying to figure how to turn it to a pattern. I'm not really a fan of fluffy yarn, but this skein has been lurking around in my stash and finally I wanted to make something about it. The yarn is old Novita Palma and the other yarn to use is one slippery red yarn. I have a nice idea that I'm working on.


Summer´s almost here

I just realised that I'm still writing a blog and haven't made any updates this year. Where did all my free time go to update my blog, has anyone seen it? I'm just stuck in the middle of books and tests and learning new stuff. This spring hasn't been easy for me, and I hate to admit it but I've been quite stressed. So I want to say to everyone of my blog readers that take time for yourself and if you are feeling stressed, don't be too stressed . It is not healthy :)

- Minttusuklaa

Happy february :)


I have a winter sports holiday :) :) YAHOOOOOOOOO, haven't had a decent holiday for a while. So I took up this to finish stuff that I hadn't done during Xmas holiday. And I'm thinking a about a new desgin (those yarns are for that) and the legwarmer is still a UFO. But it is getting there.

My february and january have been quite hectic, going between my place and my boyfriends place takes a lot of time. He live about 150km from where I live. Is there anyone who can relate to what I'm going through with this not-so-long-long-distance-relationship?

And can you imagine it, I lost a pair of socks. They were supposed to be Xmas present for my sis, but I couldn't find them anymore after I had put them into my closet.


p.s. Next time a promise to have something that I've finished to show you