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Winter is coming

Hello all,

We have snow already!!! Yessssssssss!! To be honest, winter is not my favourite time of the year (it is quite dark in Finland and quite often we don't have snow here...) But november and october are perfect months to knit socks ^_^ I can't remeber when was the last time I didn't knit any socks during autumn.

The pattern for blue socks was a pain in the neck, I had to re-knit my socks probably three times until I realized that the pattern had a mistake. (But I think it was worth re-knittinng from the beginning, the result is super nice). My sister told me yesterday when went to a party: "Well, now you are wearing every shade of blue there is." 

Red and white socks are an older project that I have to finish, the problem is that I can't remember how I made the first sock.

 -Minttusuklaa  (Who is looking for new good sock patterns to knit for Christmas presents)