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The free week of my summer

Hi all,
My only free time aka holiday came and went just like that and it was just for a week. But spending a week with my family was sooo great. We went to northern Finland, well almost Lapland and it is truly a beautiful place.
We saw reindeer and luckily I didn't drive over any of them. The weather was hot (about 25 degrees) and that is prettty great for Finland :)
This summer I have been a lazy knitter and unfortunately my sewing machine broke down couple of weeks ago ;( and it isn't fixed yet.
But I found my passion to read books again and that is what I've been doing. Believe it or not but since high school I was so fed up with books I haven't read proper books except once or twice a year. But this summer I've read for all the lost stuff I haven't read.
And maybe I'll find a passion for crocheting and knitting too. :)

And then couple of pics, these are taken along a famous Finnish hiking route called The bear's route: