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Ollie Owl *free pattern*

Hello and happy December!

This December has probably been busiest in my life Uni had been so hectic and knitting socks for Xmas presents for my siblings is nice, but it takes time. I'm not the quickest sock-knitter in the world (believe me, I am rather slow), even one of the guys at my school told me that I am a slow knitter. Of course I was mad at him, but he made my day by complimening my scarf, which took about 300grams of yellow yarn and 6 hours. So basically I had to forgive him (later he admitted that he compered me to his grandmother...)

So as a snack between socks, I knitted a little owl (he was supposed to be a teddy at first) and for once I had my pens and papers near and I wrote the pattern down. He is super easy and quick to knit.

You need: Oddments of white, brown, orange, blue and light brown DK 8ply yarn. Needles size 2,5mm Stuffing Pieces of black and orange felt for beak and eyes
Body and head (make 1) Cast on 17 stitches with light brown yarn. P1 row Next row: K…



Tomorrow starts December!!! And it means 24days to Xmas and for me knitting presents. Luckily I've already finished few, but I still haven't all the presents for my little siblings. So I'll be busy. :)
My schoolbag, which I've used for past year, is well-used ans I decided that I needed new and this is what I made last weekend, the pattern is from Husqvarna Viking's website, named weekend bag. And I have to admit, that it is not well written.
And because black fabric looked boring I decided to add a blue zipper and lil' knitted koala.

Hetkinen ,huomenna alkaa joulukuu. Eeeeiiii apua! Onneks oon jo alottanut muutaman joululahjan, mutta sisarusten lahjat on kokonaan kesken. Tulee kiire. Tällaisen kassin sain aikaiseks viime viikonloppuna ja koalankin (ja sinisen vetskarin) tein sitten mukaan, kun musta kassi olis ehkä ollu vähän tylsä.


Reminder of summer/Kesämuistutus


It's already November and almost half way through it, time really does fly. I've been busy studying and learning new things about different types of epithelia and stuff like that, I even tried to take a blood sample from my finger, but my hands were cold and I didn't get a decent drop of blood that easily. It snowed here few weeks back, but now everything is rather brown and dull. And that's all the ranting and babbling.

I finished this little cutie today, her name is Hortensia and she's probably the cutest ami I've made so far. The pattern is my own and the yarn I used was Novita Kotiväki and the hook size 2mm, so she's is pretty small. At first she was supposed to be a Grandma bunny, but I didn't get her hat right so I made her a gardener instead.

Siis kohta on jo marraskuun puoliväli, ja mun mielestä muutama viikko sitten oli vielä kesäloma. Ai kauhee kun aika menee nopeesti. Meillä ei tietty oo enää lunta ja kaikki on tasaisen ruskeaa ja märkää…

BlueBerry Baby


and do you remeber my Berry Baby?(A pattern I made few years back). So I decided to knit it again (to check if the pattern is correct. I made a few alternations i.e. I knitted a bigger head, which turned out pretty well, I added K1, *m1,k4* row after the 1st increasing row and now he looks more like a baby. What do you think?
I think I chose a wrong skin colour yarn, he looks a bit pale to me, but anyway he's cute, and that's all that matters.

And did you know that after next month it's December?! I wish it would snow here soon, though guys at my school say that snow is just nuisance.

All the best!


Bunnies and butterflies

Hola !

I've been really busy lately. I had my first "real" test last week about the allosteric regulation of hemoglobin and the function of proteglycans and lectins. And I also managed to find time to take my little siblings to grandma and grandpa. And also I had time to start crocheting X-mas presents and to make little butterflies from my old pattern and teach my little bro to change colors when knitting.
But anyway, here is the picture of the bunny from the last posting and the two butterflies I made today and yesterday:

I was thinking about re-releasing my older patterns that are only available through Ravelry in here, what do you think? Should I do that when I have enough time? I have a few patterns there in PDF-format.

Huhhuh, kyllä syksy on kiireistä aikaa. Mulla ensimmäinen "kunnon" tentti viime viikolla biokemiasta. Onneksi löytyi aikaa käydä hakemassa pupuntäytettä ja aloitin jo (hyvissä ajoin) joululahjojen värkkäämisen. Mietinpä vaan, että kannataisi…

Rainy days

It's been raning a lot here! This weekend was probably the first sunny weekend for half a month (and the weather was actually warm). I had my little friends here today again and we were sewing t-shirts (girls) and trousers (boys) for whole day. Teaching sewing is hard, but definitely worth it. I actually had time to sew something for myself, I've wanted to make this not-so-little bunny for two years now. Sadly I run out of stuffing and the shop isn't open on sunday evenings...
My sister thinks that she has funny ears, but I think yellow-white fabric makes a nice contrast for a black bunny.




Being an uni. student is hard work (trust me it is...) and I'm glad I've found little time to crochet and I've started to plan X-mas present. Early bird gets the worm, or how is it?
Well I'm making something, probably a pig, from the pink yarn and the blue and green thing is going to be a bunny. (And I'm sorry for the crappy picture, I didn't get the flash to work)

Yliopisto-opiskelu on ehdottomasti työtä. Onneksi sentään on jostain välistä löytynyt aikaa käsitöillekin. Ja joululahjojakin oon jo miettinyt vähän valmiiksi...
Pinkistä langasta tulee taas varmaan jonkinlainen possu ja sini-vihreä hökötys muotoutunee jänöksi.

-Minttusuklaa- ^_^


I totally love felting, only I burned my hands a little. But the result is totally worth it. I've made about half a dozen of these little cute hearts. And almost used all my yarn (I'm glad about that though).
The pattern is really simple (these are just the notes I made, but you might be able to do your own hearts)

I used Novita Huopanen and needles size 8mm.

Cast on 1st.
Next row: kfb
Next row: kfb twice
Next row: k1, m1, k2, m1.
Work st-st for the rest of the heart (begin with P row). Add one stitch at each ond of the row, until you have 22sts in total. St-st 3 rows.
Next row: K2tog, k 9. Turn (work the other half with these stitches).
Next row: p8, p2tog.
Next row: k2 tog, k5, k2tog
K2tog at the each end of a knit row, until you have 3sts left. P row. Cast off.
Join the yarn for the for the other half of the heart. Knit it the same way than the other. Make 2 heartpieces. Sew and stuff them (stuff just a little, remember felting makes the piece about 40% smaller than …

Attempt in felting/Huovutusyritystä

and warm end-of-summer greetings, I found my little sister's red yarn and now I'm trying to make a knitted heart. I still have the ottern part unfinished and I'm wondering, if I should wash the pieces before or after stuffing. I really haven't tried felting before with yarn, I've just had wool and a felting needle.

And now for the big guestion: Do you think that writing abbreviations for my patterns (both knitted and crocheted) would be useful?
Tässä on mun ensimmäinen huovutusyritykseni, toinen puoli sydäntä puuttuu edelleen. Seuraava hyvä kysymys on se, huovutanko sydämen ennen vai jälkeen täyttämisen. En ole itse ikinä huovuttanut lankaa ja ainoastaan kokeillut neulahuovutusta, joka on harvinaisen helppoa. 
 No, eiköhän tästä nyt sitten jotain synny lopulta.


Random Cuteness/Söpöilyä

My holiday's almost over, work starts tomorrow and school starts in a month. I've probably had on of the best summers ever. Swimming, meeting friends, picking blueberries and knitting, what else could probably be in a good summer? Well, going to some other country probably...
But anyway I just wanted to share this cuteness with you, I just love different mugs. I have at least 25 different, so I'm a mug-addict. I also have a soft spot for cute notebooks (I've always had). Mugs are from a random second hand shop and I got them for 1€ each. And I found the notebook from a local shop near my grandparent's summer cottage.

Loma on päivää vajaa ohi, huomenna jatkuu taas työt. Onneksi opiskelut jatkuvat vasta syyskuussa. Kesäloma on kyllä edelleen parasta aikaa vuodessa ja tämä kesä on ollut aivan mahtava. Uimista, saunomista, kavereiden kanssa hengailua ja mustikanpoimintaa. Voisko parempaa kesälomaa olla? No ehkä olis voinut olla kiva päästä ulkomaille, mutta se varmaan j…

The King of the jungle/Viidakon kuningas

And happy end of July to everyone. Well, I still have a week left before my summerjob begins and I've been busy. (Blueberries are just too good to be left in the forest)
But anyway, here is my new tenant in the Mint Village. His name is brobably Late Leijona (Larry in English) and at first he was supposed to be a bird. But somehow I managed to turn the yellow in to a lion. The body part was easy, but I really disliked crocheting the hair on his head. Hair is attached straigh to the head and I didn't to it separately. Poor fellow has just to rows of hair, hope he doesn't mind...

Heippa taas,
Mustikka-aika alkaa jo mennä ohi ja ensi viikolla jatkuukin taas työt, mutta onneksi on vielä viikko lomaa jäljellä. Tällaisen pienen Late Leijonan sain väsättyä, kaverista piti tulla lintu alkujaan. Mutta jotenkin keltaisesta langasta vaan muotoutui leijona. Kyllä vartalo oli helppo virkata, mutta harjan kanssa meinas kyllä pinna pettää. Virkkasin harjan suoraan päähän kiinni ja le…

*Miss Monkey* free pattern

I finished my pattern and I have to say that after awhile writing down patterns is actually quite hard.
Meet little Miss Monkey, I made her a doctor since my Mint Village doesn't have one already.
But now for the pattern:

You need: Brown yarn (I used Menita Cotton Dream) White yarn or lighter brown yarn DPNs to match the yarn and gauge ( I used 2,5mm needles) Stuffing Safety eyes Oddments of light brown, red and pink yarn (Felt or yarn for the nose piece)
Legs (make 2): Cast on 9sts 1st row: P1 row Next row: K1, *m1,k1* to the end. P1row Next row: K1, *m1,k1* to the end. St-st 5 rows. Next row: K7,k2tog 3 times, skpo, k3, k2tog 4 times, k7. P1 row Next row: K4, k2tog 3 times, skpo, k1, k2tog 4 times, k4. P1 row Next row: K3, k2tog 2 times, k3tog, k2tog 2 times, k3. P1 row In the beginning of next row k2tog (you should have 10sts). You can knit the rest of the leg flat or i-cord. I tried both ways and I think i-cord is quicker. St-st 48 rows (or as many as you want, depen…

Summer sales/kesä-ale

Well my local yarn store had a sale and it was my payday, so you can probably guess the result... Suprise, I bought only 5 skeins of yarn, bamboo needles and random other things ( and a couple of old sewing magazines, but those were from second hand shop, were they also had a sale). I'm actually quite happy about everything I bought, though I have no clue what I'm going to do with a single skein of dark blue cotton yarn... Probably more birds? Brown skeins are for my new pattern (I've already done legs and body) and it should be ready some day next week (hopefully.) :)

Lähilankakaupassa oli kesäale!!! No itse asiassa mukaan tarttui vain viisi lankakerää, bambupuikot ja pari käsityölehteä (jotka oli tarjouksessa kirpparilla). Kaiken kaikkiaan mä oon tyytyväinen saldoon, eikä rahatilannekaan pahemmin kärsinyt tuhlailusta. Kaikelle muulle kyllä olen keksinyt käyttöä, mutta yksinäinen tummansininen puuvillalankakerä kyllä aiheuttaa päänvaivaa. Mitä ihmettä siitä tekis... Eh…

Holiday hello!

I've been away,without Internet and with reindeer (my sister counted 32) and mosquitos (I counted 2 billion), for over a week. Reading, orienteering, hanging with family, swimming, catching a flu etc. I just love holidays! Of course I took my crochet and knitting supplies with me and even though I haven't done anything proper (I got the idea for my new pattern though), I still wanted to share this little bird with you. Pattern is my own (didn't write it down. Maybe I  do that when I finish the yellow one).


Meet Pip

Hi again,
This is my little Pip. He was born earlier today and found on my table. (Trying to drink my Coca-Cola bottle). I found my old bunny pattern and used my dark brown bamboo yarn and my blue little afety eyes. Honestly, I dislike the yarn. It breaks too easily. I think he's the cutest boy bunny, I've made so far.
The ribbon is from my old favourite shorts and I just love the blue color. My summer holiday finally began and I'm off to the finnsih forest!!!
Tässä on pikku-Pip, joka löytyi tänään pöydältäni, Cokis varkaista. Käytin vanhoja bambu-lanka jämiä. Ja on pakko sanoa, että lanka ei todellakaan kuulu suosikkeihini. Varmaan katkes kymmenen kertaa kun yritin pupua kasata. Löysin pupuohjeeni vanhasta mapista ja pakko myöntää että Pipistä tuli söpöin poikapupu jonka olen tehnyt. Ja nyt sitten alkoi vihdoin kesäloma ja suomalainen metsä kutsuu!!


Angry Birds/Vihaisia lintuja

Hello again,
My friend showed me Angry Birds from his phone and I was hooked (I mean with yarn...) I've crocheted these over the past week and even my 10year old brother wanted to crocheted his own green (it's a shame I don't have a picture, he already lost it...). And I realised one thing: I really need to improve my embroiding skills, I really suck at it right now. I mean how hard it is to make decent and angry pair of eyes?
I know that I didn't have the right shades of yarns, but my stash needs some using...

Tällaiset ihmeelliset linnut  (+possu) päätyivät tällä kertaa lautaselle. Kaveri näytti Samsungistaan AngryBirds pelin ja nyt sitten olen ollut koukussa viime viikon. Tällaiset syntyivät tuloksena ja pakko sanoa, etten aivan täysin tyytyväinen ole. Mutta menetelköön nyt, lankavarastoa oli pakko käyttää. No ainakin pikkuveljet ovat olleet harvinaisen tyytyväisiä uusin Ängri Böördseihin....


I've got a beary feeling


 And finally after ages, I got something finished! This little teddy was made couple of hours ago and she was a great stashbuster project. I didn't writa any pattern, but still I started a similar grey one. I'm glad I don't have that demanding summer job and I can take time to knit and crochet as well. My project for summer is to teach my little sis to knit and  crochet and I hope I can make cute amigurumis with her in the future. I've also wanted to do a little Angry Birds amigurumi. But, isn't she just the cutest little teddy ever?

Summer greetings


I Love teaching little kids to sew! I mean when you see three 10year old boys finishing their hooded jacket or an 11 year-old to finish her first ever handbag. That's what I've been doing lately. 
I need an idea what to do for my 13yr sister (Her birthday is next week...) and I don't know what to make. She has passed amigurumi-age and  I guess she needs something more "mature".

New year, new tricks

 this again again one of those boring photoless posts, my students didn't want their FO's to be posted in the Internet. I've started teaching crafts (knitting, sewing, crocheting) for my lil sis' friends and they absolutely love it... I like it when I can share my own talents with someone else. During X-mas I thaught my sis to read English knitting patterns and she has knitted at least dozen different dresses for my smallest sister's Barbies, isn't it wonderful? And my littlest sister has learn how to do a sc and how to knit. I'm really proud of them both. Becaus I believe that sharing what you have, is also receiving a lot (how poetic that sounds...)

I've been doing stuff mostly on my sewing machine, but my fingers are itching for knitting needles.