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BlueBerry Baby


and do you remeber my Berry Baby?(A pattern I made few years back). So I decided to knit it again (to check if the pattern is correct. I made a few alternations i.e. I knitted a bigger head, which turned out pretty well, I added K1, *m1,k4* row after the 1st increasing row and now he looks more like a baby. What do you think?
I think I chose a wrong skin colour yarn, he looks a bit pale to me, but anyway he's cute, and that's all that matters.

And did you know that after next month it's December?! I wish it would snow here soon, though guys at my school say that snow is just nuisance.

All the best!


Bunnies and butterflies

Hola !

I've been really busy lately. I had my first "real" test last week about the allosteric regulation of hemoglobin and the function of proteglycans and lectins. And I also managed to find time to take my little siblings to grandma and grandpa. And also I had time to start crocheting X-mas presents and to make little butterflies from my old pattern and teach my little bro to change colors when knitting.
But anyway, here is the picture of the bunny from the last posting and the two butterflies I made today and yesterday:

I was thinking about re-releasing my older patterns that are only available through Ravelry in here, what do you think? Should I do that when I have enough time? I have a few patterns there in PDF-format.

Huhhuh, kyllä syksy on kiireistä aikaa. Mulla ensimmäinen "kunnon" tentti viime viikolla biokemiasta. Onneksi löytyi aikaa käydä hakemassa pupuntäytettä ja aloitin jo (hyvissä ajoin) joululahjojen värkkäämisen. Mietinpä vaan, että kannataisi…

Rainy days

It's been raning a lot here! This weekend was probably the first sunny weekend for half a month (and the weather was actually warm). I had my little friends here today again and we were sewing t-shirts (girls) and trousers (boys) for whole day. Teaching sewing is hard, but definitely worth it. I actually had time to sew something for myself, I've wanted to make this not-so-little bunny for two years now. Sadly I run out of stuffing and the shop isn't open on sunday evenings...
My sister thinks that she has funny ears, but I think yellow-white fabric makes a nice contrast for a black bunny.