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#uglyarn continues

Hello all,

My #uglyyarn-project is going quite well. I got projects number 2 and 3 done. Both are baby stuff, even though I'm not having kids in any near future. But I hope that my frineds get married and have kids. I had very old Novita Kotiväki yarn, I probably bought about ten years ago. Even before I had my blog.I found patterns from old sewing magazines, and did some modifications. All in all I'm quite happy. First project is a dress and I'm so happy with the result. I found the the dress chart in Ravelry.
Second project was some sort of a baby overall. The pattern was a disaster. First the instuctions were unclear and every measurement was totally wrong and that's way the bodice doesn't have a yellow stripe. I had to do so many adjustments. Well the result is pretty, but I guess very not-so-practical for a baby.

My next project is a laptop case from an old acrylic plum coloured yarn.

Slow progress


Last spring I knitted two dolls and they've been hidden in my knitting basket and waiting for clothes and accessories. This weekend I just had the motivation to finish one of them:
The pattern is my own (and I'm not completely satisfied with it yet) and mostly I came up with it while knitting. I think I need to make one more, just to make the doll body pattern perfect.
The doll is knitted flat, overalls in round and the hair was just a pain in the neck.
Took forever to finish, but I'm happy. She is still missing shoes and a few finishing touches, but all in all I'm happy. Next time I just need to make a bigger head, and a bit bigger body and insert eyes lower. And maybe I'll add pockets to the overalls and porbably she needs a garden of her own.

The other doll is still unfinished, my youngest brother wants him to be an ice hockey player, any ideas where I can find knitted skates or a knitted helmet?

My #uglyyarn is also doing fine, I finished the dress and b…

#uglyarn #stashbusting

my studies began this week and we've had lectures about different mental disorders (is that politically correct?) and because I don't bother taking notes, (maybe I should, but I still don't) I have time to knit and concentrate to what the lecturer is saying.

I went through my stash few days ago and I realised that I HAVE A LOT of ugly yarn or yarn that I have absolutely no idea what to do about it. All thath fluffy and furry yarn, what was I thinking when I bought it? Those earthgreenlittlefurrythings I've received from my friends. Yup, they come to me with a bag and say: Hey, I have a lot of unused yarn, maybe you can make something out of it? And I just can't say no. And then yarn that I've received as gift, I just can't throw it away, can I?

So I decide to make #uglyarn projects during my boring lectures and here is my first project: a cardigan for a kid. The pattern is just a basic cardigan pattern, and just to use yarn I added pockets and  the h…

Gingerbear *Free pattern*

As promised yesterday, here is my next pattern. I haven't done a crochet pattern for about years, so I apologize for any stupid or unclear instructions. Hopefully the pattern is ok.
I had trouble with legs, the first one was okay, but for the 2nd one I had some troubles because I couldn't match the decreases, but all in all I guess I did okay.

I love gingerbreads, I really do, but last Christmas I just didn't have enough time to bake any, so I made on that lasts longer. But for my surprise I ran out of syrup (sorry, my gingerbread yarn), that's why her left leg is so white.