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Sewing and other crafts

Hello dear readers,
I haven't yet brought my sewing machine to my new home, the reason is that I don't have a table to use for sewing. And I really don't like sewing on the dining table in kitchen, it just doesn't feel nice knowing that there might be some leftovers on the floor with you fabrics, even if you have cleaned everything quite well.
This past week I've helped my sis to sew trousers, that were a success in the end and at the same thing I did sew some of my use-all-ugly-fabric projects.
I still don't know what made me do kids clothes in the first place, but at least those super quick to make.
Here are just a few I made, all overalls or something like that. I found an old sewing magazine form around -98 with good baby patterns and made overalls on the left. And on the right I also made the overall from an old magazine. I wasn't happy with the pattern and the result is not-so-good. But at least the fabric is nice, right?
And this is a head for a doll…