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Jelly Babies *free pattern*

Hello all,

Here is the pattern for Jelly Babies.

You need:
Yarn, hook suitable size for the yarn
Stuffing, felt

Head and body:
1) Ch 2, 6sc to tthe 2nd ch from the hook
2) 2 sc in every sc (12sc)
3) 2sc in sc, 1 sc in sc, repeat around (18sc)
4-7) sc in each sc
Stuff top of the head at this point
8) Sc-dec, sc repeat around (18sc)
9) 2 sc in every sc
10) 2 sc in sc, 1 sc in next 2 sc each, repeat around
11-16) sc in each sc. Cast off.
 Stuff the body.

 Legs (make 2):
1) Ch 2, 6sc to tthe 2nd ch from the hook
2- 6) sc in each sc.
Cast off.
Sew legs to the open end of the body.

Arms (make 2):
1) Ch 2, 5sc to tthe 2nd ch from the hook
2-8) sc in each sc
 Finish off.
Sew arms to the body.

Face: Cut a round piece of felt for face( Mine are about 1,5cm diameter). You can embroider eyes and mouth at this point. Sew the felt piece to the head.

Ta-daa, your jelly baby is finished!!

Sock Monkeys and so on...


Having a summer job is hard work, at least where I work. I've even worked 13hour shifts and after that I really knew what working feels like.
I went through my old closet whre I have my party dresses and under a box I found old socks and stockings. I did some surfing and found a doll pattern and of course the traditional sock monkey patterns.And he is made out of my old stockings (I used them about ten years ago)
My three-year-old little borther made a sock doll for his friend. He even used my sewing machine. And Ithis normally oh so lively little young man was so concentrated on what he was doing that he hardly noticed anything else.I hope his friend likes her new doll.

Best wishes!

ps. I have a new idea for my new knitting pattern (and I probably will have something for you in a couple of weeks. My real holiday begins next monday)