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New mittens

I finally finsihed my mittens (today at school). How can knitting take so much time? Well, it just can... But now I need ideas for x-mas presents... What could I do fo my parents, grandparents an lil siblings? Something that is quick. Any good ideas?

Knitting season

Hooray, (that was ironic...)
Today the temperature was below for the first time this fall and it means time for new hats, mittens, socks etc. I took out my knitting needles and started a pair of mittens... (Not ready yet, but soon) I need them for next week, 'cause mornings are going to get colder and my fingers turn blue (honestly) if I stand outside in the cold.
Mum asked me to knit socks (probably I'm going to make), but knitting socks is booooring. I'll probably knit few hats as X-mas presents and I've tried to find a good pattern for wristwarmers.
Now I'm off to knit!