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Meet Jasmine

I finally got my little dollie ready!
Pattern is from Jean Greenhowe's booklet called Mascot dolls

Mä sain lopultakin nuken valmiiksi! Ohje oli kivan helppo, vaikka jouduinkin muokkaaman sitä jonkun verran, että sain langan riittämään loppuun asti!


Hi!I haven't finished my UFOs yet. They're still in progress and almost done. I've been sick for almost a week and I can assure you that lying in a bed for 4 days is not funny. Actually I hate it. I´ve seen a lot great work that other people have done. Like felting, knitted shrugs and stuff like that. I´ve been so much into amigurumis, so I haven't done anything like that ever. (To be honest I crocheted a shawl and slippers to my mom once...) So I´ve made a list about things that I´d like to try and do in the future:
1. Felting (something like felted slippers)
2. Try very small hook and thread to make a really small bear.
3. Crochet a shawl with Lover´s knot technique.
4. Knit something from Debbie Bliss yarn. I´ve once seen a skein of her yarn and I´d really like to try it. I have one of her books called Toy Knits that I bought from Amazon.
5. Knit toe-up (is that right?) socks.
6. Learn how to knit lace and cables. I´ve once tried to make a cable, and it turned out quite …


Well, I´ve been quite lazy lately with crafts (I´ve been busy in High School), but I have knitted a lot. And I hate to admit that I haven´t finished anything yet. I´ve started a hat about 3 weeks ago and it´s only 7cm long. I´m knitting it on circular needles (I don´t have done that in 2years. I used circulars when I knitted my first (and maybe last) jumper) from brown and pink. I hope tha 50 grms is enough brown yarn, ´cause I don´t have more that yarn.
I´ve also knitted a girl (she´s almost ready, she only needs hair and dress) from Jean Greenhowe´s booklet called Mascot Dolls. I hope that she´ll be ready tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
And I have been thinking a new pattern, but I´ve run out of ideas(if anyone has an idea what I could design, please leave a comment). I have an unpublished pattern for Giraffe, so maybe I´ll publish it or then I translate my dolphin pattern from Finnish to English. I´m not sure.

Kiirettä on pitänyt koulussa (koeviikot on sellaisia) ja laiska oon ollut k…