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New things/Uusia asioita

Hello again!
I feel like it's been forever since I posted here(well it's just been about 2 weeks), but so much has happened. My mum took me shopping yesterday and this is what I found:Aren't these hooks justa adorable? I just love, love, love them! The colours are just amazing. They cost just about 3dollars and are totally worth it. ^_^
You can also see a basket I crocheted few days ago as a part of my feb craft-along thing. It's probably my fave. LOL!
Also I got a cift card to craft shop as a birhtday present (my bd is in July, so this is a late present @_@)
With snowy and crafty greetings:
-a little snowlady-

Tuntuu, että olisi taas iäisyys siitä, että olen viimeiksi postannut täälä blogosfäärissä. Opiskelu tuntuu vievän kaiken ajan. Projekteja on koko ajan kesken ja tuntuu että YO-kirjotukset vie kaiken ajan, nytkin pitäisi olla lukemassa bilsaa.
Äidin kanssa löysin Anttilasta superhalvalla aivan mahtavat virkkuukoukut, eikä ne olleet edes kalliit. Muutaman hassun euron. J…

Happy valentine!

Happy valentine for everyone!

Hyvää ystävänpäivää kaikille!

Ps. My valentine project was to help my friends to accomplish their sewn hooded jackets!

7th project

camera is still somewhere... But I made a little green octopus. And I'm starting to crohcet a little duck.

2nd and 3rd

I made to little baskets, but I couldn't find the camera. So I'll post the pictures later.



The first project of February! This is the first owl I've ever made and I think he's super cute.