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Winter winter

Best winter greetings for all,
I've had a looooooong study week, days from 8 a.m and sometimes even until 6 p.m. I hope that I've learnt something. I'm glad I've had time to knit and do some sports, yesterday I was skiing (in the dark, I forgot my light home) after school.  I'm working on a hockey player, but I ran out of blue yarn. I ordered new on monday but I didn't get it this week (hopefully it arrives next week, it should) so I had to make some other stuff. The first project is my little winter princess bear, I used my gingerbear pattern. The yarn I used was one of those old ugly yarns I have in my stash. I made her a crown, she has been too busy playing with snow so it has almost fallen down and I used some silver yarn to crochet "snowflakes". She is pretty cute, don't you think? I also knitted a baby cardigan and a hat. They're for my #uglyarn project. I had almost world's ugliest yarn, an old chunky fluffy yarn and I ran out while …

Time well spent

Hi all,

I've been knitting so much this past week that I have a blister on my finger and believe it is annoying, I'll probably have to do some crocheting or sewing for a while or change knitting needles to bamboo ones.

I've had very long days at uni and lectures in small rooms with no proper air conditioning and about very tuff themes. And in order that I won't fall asleep or do something totally else with my laptop in front of me (like watch movies) I took knitting projects to school.

And here I'll introduce you: Mr. Pappa (means grandpa in English), totally worth time I spent doing him. Pattern is my own, and I'll probably publish the body pattern someday (after doing some adjustments to it). This is my third time since last spring to make a doll, and now I feel quite happy with the result.
He is made from fingering yarn with 2.5mm needles, form my #uglyarn project. I had to reknit the body probably twice because he started to look like a grandpa with a long-la…


Hello all!
The picture above is my button collections, I absolutely love buttons and I think I've inherited that from my great-grandmothers, they all are deceased but I guess that everyone one of them (or at least 3/4) collected or had buttons treasured somewhere. Some of my collection comes from them, but mostly I just dig through the sales box in my local fabric shop.
But buttons are just so useful to add extra cuteness to the stuff you do, when I grow old I hope to have as good button collection as my grandmothers have and many nice projects where I've used those buttons :)

- Minttusuklaa

P.s. #uglyarn is going well, I've almost finished my Laptop case (pics coming soon), it is jus missing a zipper and I finally decided what buttons to use for my romper from last posting. My current project is also a wolleen babything and I'm just knitting the yoke (my first one and absolutely a pain). And after that I'm going to take break from #uglyarn and knit or crohet some…