Time well spent

Hi all,

I've been knitting so much this past week that I have a blister on my finger and believe it is annoying, I'll probably have to do some crocheting or sewing for a while or change knitting needles to bamboo ones.

I've had very long days at uni and lectures in small rooms with no proper air conditioning and about very tuff themes. And in order that I won't fall asleep or do something totally else with my laptop in front of me (like watch movies) I took knitting projects to school.

And here I'll introduce you: Mr. Pappa (means grandpa in English), totally worth time I spent doing him. Pattern is my own, and I'll probably publish the body pattern someday (after doing some adjustments to it). This is my third time since last spring to make a doll, and now I feel quite happy with the result.
He is made from fingering yarn with 2.5mm needles, form my #uglyarn project. I had to reknit the body probably twice because he started to look like a grandpa with a long-lasting medications with side effects.

I still have a skein of that disgusting green yarn. I just came up with the clothes as I knitted. The glasses are crocheted.

My friend told me when I sent the first picture of the glasses: 'he looks lika minion' and I had to tell him: 'he is a grandpa, so of course he can wear glasses upside down!'. And he also told me that grandpas need a horse, how am I supposed to knit that??????

The hair is crocheted and embroided, I almost used all my silver-colored yarn. The result is nice thou, just search owlishly hair tutorial you get the idea how I did the hair.

- Minttusuklaa