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During the summer when I was watching tv, my mum came to my room and suggested that I should make something while watching. So I invented a little teddy that is easy and quick to make [about 45mins (just an episode)]. These lil cute fellows are the first two. And now I'm making a yellow one.

Katsoin tässä eräänä päivänä telkkaria, äiti tuli huoneeseen ja ehdotti, että tekisin jotain . Niinpä keksin nallen, jonka virkkaamiseen menee aikaa yhden jakson verran. Tässä nämä ensimmäiset kaksi ja keltainen versio on kovaa kyytiä valmistumassa.


Jimmy Hedgehog *free pattern*

Hi,This is what I've been working with since june (I'm not kidding). I saw a little hedgehog one evening at summercamp and I just wanted to make one. I just looooooove hedgehogs, once a whole hedgehog family lived under our stairs. It was mom and six little hedgehogs.

And now for the pattern:

You need
Needles size 3mm and 2.5mm
Light brown yarn ( I used DK yarn)
Furry yarn
Something for making the face

Use smaller needles with furry yarn and bigger ones with "normal" yarn.

Legs (make 2)
Cast on 13sts with light brown yarn.
Next row: K1, [m1, K1] repeat [_] to the end.
Beg with P row st-st 5rows.
Next row: [K3, k2tog] repeat [_] to the end.
Next row: [P2, P2tog] repeat [_] to the end.
Next row: [K2, k2tog] repeat 3 times, K1, k2tog.
Beg with P row st-st 18 rows.
Cast off. Sew legs and stuff.

Body (make one piece with light brown and one piece with furry yarn)
Cast on 17sts. P1 row
Next row: K1, [m1, K4] repeat [_] to the end.
Beg with P row st-st 15 rows.