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Sunday: WIPs and FOs


I've had a great week and a great weekend :) ( I just had to say that...) I was at student meeting this weekend and I had time do to knitting and not-so-much studying.
I started to knit a scarf about week ago and I did some knitting during lectures (again) and this one guy (again) checked my knittting and after a while: "It looks like muscle cells ". Well, way to compliment a knitting project? Don't you think?

And my FO this time is the little kitten, Miss-kitty-in-boots . The pattern is my own, I modified Zackie Zebra pattern and checked my old sketches again. And I think, I managed to knnit her pretty well. I still have bits to modify, but I think she is cute. So maybe in the future I'll try knitting more animals with boots.

New Year's resolu... Uuden vuoden juttuja...

Well, I don't realle do any sort of resulutions on New Year's eve (I never would keep them), but this holiday I promised to myself that I would finish all the UFOs I have all around my place. Some of them I've had since last summer and some are even older than that.
And here is the first bunch of my FOs:
1 parrot, 1 owl and 1 Jelly baby
And I still have more left (like 1 croheted animal, 1 knitted bunny, 2 dolls) and I'm REALLY trying to get those finshed... Aarrgh and I have at least 20 new ideas I want to do. Well I'm glad I have my sketch book somewhere and I can write my ideas down there :)

Päätinpä nyt sitten kirjoittaa jotain suomeksikin tänne. En tee minkään sortin uudenvuodenpäätöksiä, kun en niitä kuitenkaan ikinä pidä maaliskuulle asti kuitenkaan. Mutta nyt sitten ajattelin, että kyllä nämä kaapissa lojuneet keskenereiset kaksi tusinaa tekelettä pitäisi saada valmiiksi. Ja tässä nyt sitten se ensimmäinen satsi valmiita. Ongelma vaan on se, että osaan töist…