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Wedding dress part I

Hello all,I had a loooong week at work, normally it is not that peacuful in a hospital ward, but the past week was. So I was quite energized after coming home and had time to start sewing my wedding dress and this posting is  about what I've learnt so far:

1) Choosing the pattern
  It can be tricky to find a pattern that matches your tastes. I went through my old sewing magzines and borrowed magazines from my friends. There were many good options or patterns that were usable for a wedding dresses like ball gowns/evening dresses/dancing gowns/party tops and shirts/skirts.
I had an idea what to do but  I changed the pattern midway thorugh, because I couldn't find a decents pattern for an illusion neckline and I saw the price tag for the prettiest laces. And I didn't want to use lace that costs 70 euros/meter, so I opted for a more ball gown type style.
I got an suggestion to visit dress shops to see what kind of a dress style suits my body type, but guess who never had time …

Wedding preparations II

Hello all readers,

I just love summer! It is the most best season during the year, at least this summer has been amazing. I've notived that I've really started to stress about my wedding, but that is quite normal isn't it?
This past week, we have finalized the menu and planned most of the whole reception. In Finland we traditionally have outdoor weddings and self-written wedding vows. But we're gonna have those. So I'm totally planning to do an untraditional Finnish wedding.

This week my work hasn't been so intense, but designing decorations and planning the schedule for wedding has taken quite a lot of time.
Well at least I have a design for my flower girls' dresses. They're going to look absolutely cute. I'm happy that I don't need to sew their dresses. The dresses are goinf to be pure white, with navyblue sash/belt and roses on the hem. And if the girls want, their mom can add a layer of organza to the waist.

 As for decorations and placing c…

Wedding preparations I

Hi all,

Sorry for not posting anything in June. My June was just so hectic with making wedding invitations, planning THE dress, moving back to my parents place and doing an internship with a surgical department. I just didn't have the energy to pick up ctochet hooks or knitting needles at all.

But all in all everything is going fine, we bought bridemaids dresses today (from summer sales of course) and I even went out to try shoes (pity that the pretties shoes were blue...). I've done a few sketches about how my dress should look like and this is the best version:
For the fabric I'm going to use either satin or taffeta, I don't know which one yet, but probably the cheaper one. I plan to use a zipper and sew blue buttons to the back just to look nice and add some blue pearls or sequins to the front. And straps? I haven't decided yet.
My friends have promised to make the veil and now I just need to figure out a pretty hairdo, that won't be too hard, right?
And I s…