Wedding preparations II

Hello all readers,

I just love summer! It is the most best season during the year, at least this summer has been amazing. I've notived that I've really started to stress about my wedding, but that is quite normal isn't it?
This past week, we have finalized the menu and planned most of the whole reception. In Finland we traditionally have outdoor weddings and self-written wedding vows. But we're gonna have those. So I'm totally planning to do an untraditional Finnish wedding.

This week my work hasn't been so intense, but designing decorations and planning the schedule for wedding has taken quite a lot of time.
Well at least I have a design for my flower girls' dresses. They're going to look absolutely cute. I'm happy that I don't need to sew their dresses. The dresses are goinf to be pure white, with navyblue sash/belt and roses on the hem. And if the girls want, their mom can add a layer of organza to the waist.

 As for decorations and placing cards I found that you can make very nice looking decorations out of pine cones. So I asked my youngest little brother to pick up 400 pine cones from my grandparents place and I just received them today. Then next thing to do is to paint them with silver, navy blue and white/vanilla. And the best place to buy paints is a shop specialized in selling car stuff according to my brother.

Oh and I was buying clothes from sale today and went of course to a diy shop and found cute rose petals that are going to be turned into roses and hair decorations with my veil. The glasse are also for table decorations and hopefully I can find more good looking glasses, probably gonna search tthorugh second hand shops for that.

So all in all, my wedding preparations are going pretty well

- Soon to be MRS