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These are not ready yet. On left is my new pattern (I'm learning how to draw a pattern...) And on right is a ragdoll.

Little Neko

I went and bought the worst batteries ever, but I still managed to get the pics! So here is my little cat! I love her little miniskirt. It's just fab...If I make a similar cat again, I need to work with arms and legs. They look a bit stupid I think... Smaller ones could do better. And as a random fact about her: (she doesn't have a tail...But don't tell her)

Tässä nyt on kuva siitä kissasta, jonka lupasin. Ostin kameraan laaduttomat patterit, kun halvalla sai... No Seuraavan kerran paremmat.

Back to business

Finally I'm able to do some posting!! I've been busy (well to be honest, I've been busy being lazy). During the whole summer I've just sewn a lot. Even though the skirt I made, well I washed it in high temperature so... You can guess the result... I finished a crocheted cat yesterday, I'll probably share the pattern, if I still can read my notes.And also I went shopping more yarn and they had sale. I bought yarn that I've wanted to buy (but couldn't afford) I bought even a skein of yarn made out of corn. It's really soft.

Hellokaa!No lopulta saan taas postattua jotain. Mulla on ollut superkiire laiskotella enkä ole oikein saanut aikaiseksi mitään. Ommellut tietysti ja käynyt treeneissä, joita on ollut paljooooon. Hame jonka mä onpelin oli super hieno, mutta joku ei lukenut kankaanpesuohjeita vaan pisti liian kuumaan ja lopputuloksen voi arvata... Sain kissan virkattua loppuun ja jos sään omista muistiinpanoista selvää, niin saatan jopa postata oh…