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Knitting and more knitting

Hello all, I've been busy knitting and planning new projects. As you can see in the picture I've made a doll project and started another. I'm trying to continue my stash busting and that's why I'm knitting socks (again). Doll pattern is my own and so is the lemon pattern I'm working on. With the doll's head I made the mistake of using m1 increasing and now I have small holes on his head (next time have to make kfb type of increases). My sisters told me that his feet are too big, so next time a bit smaller feet. I'm so glad to more opinions than just my own while knitting and designing new patterns. And I hope to get him ready soon. My smallest brothers wants that I turn him to a ice hockey player, well we see about that. I'm trying to figure out how to knit skates and a helmet. I've had a great February, of course I'm busy with school. Tests are coming up next week and I'm glad that after that there is only one test to take this spring.…

Stash busting, right?

I've really tried my best to use my old stash (trust me, I have a quite a lot in my closets), but today after school I happened to pass by a yarn store (probably the best one in Finland) and of coure I had to stop by and you don't have to be psychiatrist to know that when a knitter visits a yarn shop, she will leave the store with new yarn... And not wiht just a skein
Sorry for the crappy picture, it's taken with my phone so the flash is not the best around..