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Midsummer's little panda :)

As probably most of you know, I come from Finland and this year the summer so far has been terribly cold. Even now it is 13 celsius degrees outside. To be honest I really don't like this waether, summers aren't supposed to be this cold, but I'm glad that I have summer job that is mostly an indoor job.
Last week it even snowed in some places here, I'm glad that I missed the summer snow :) (Everywhere I went that day, the sun shone and birds sang).

But I had the past couple of days free so I finished this cute little panda and I decided to name her Hao Hao. The pattern is the same as in the cat, but making a bit different ears and adjusting other measurements I made a panda. (Pandas are probably my favourite animals). The chart for her cupcake dress I found from Ravelry, but the pattern itself is something I just came up with. I'm planning to knit a monkey or a turtle next and my fingers are itching to crochet again. I haven't done any crocheting since Xmas, just…

Dresses and graduations

Hello all,

I finally have my summer holiday after a very busy, exhausting and rewarding spring. And I still feel like I could fall asleep in the middle of sentence. We had a huge test (which I passed) a while ago and my lil bro graduated from high school. So this last month has been a little hectic, but I don't know if I ever told you that sewing is the best stress-reliever in the world and according to that motto I made a new dress for myself last thursday.
It is made up from two different patterns, the other pattern was from '99 and the other '09, isn't that funny? I modified a top pattern and a dress a pattern, added pockets and wider straps and shortened the hem. And I love my new dress :) I don't normally wear dresses so often, but this is probably s far the BEST dress I've ever made. The fabric is dotty cotton and the style is a little like in dresses from 1950s. I don't know if I should add bows or something like that. (And sorry about the bad pictur…