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Little Miss McScarecrow

Hi,and sorry for not posting for ages. I've been busy with my school work (matriculation examen start in 2weeks) and busy with my hobby: orienteering. I've been working on my new pattern and hopefully I'll get it ready during the weekend. I arrenged a KAL in our Jean Greenhowe Ravlery group and I knitted this little girl for it:The pattern is from MacScarecrow clan and she's baby Bonnie. My favourite knitted doll ever!

Tervehdys kaikille!

Kiirettä on pitänyt, enkä ole ennättänyt postaamaan. Tällaisen pikkuneidin sain aikaiseksi. Ohje on Jean Greenhowen kirjasta MacScarecrow clan. Super iisi, mutta vartalo mun pitää seuraavalla kerralla, tehdä lyhyemmäksi.


Holiday plushies/Lomapehmoja

I made these little cuties while I was in England:
From left to right: Ming Ming Bunny (own pattern), Hamsters Tina and Tom (Alan Dart's Hula Hamsters), Clara Cow (Fuzzymitten cow), Scamp the Dog (JG's MacScarecrow clan)

Tällaiset otukset sain lomalla aikaiseksi!

And this is what I bought from England(Sorry for the bad picture):
Now I don't have to order them from the Internet! Yahoooo!

Tällaista roinaa tuli myös ostettua lankakaupoista. Pari kerää Sirdarin lankaa, 1 Simply Knittingin numero ja 3 Jean Greenhowen ohjekirjaa. Ja vielä muutama kerä akryylilankaa.

Holiday pics...

Just few pics from my holiday: "Somewhere in Wales"/"jossain Walesissä" Harlech
Cambridge (don't ask me what college this is, I can't remember)
Cambridge (älkää kysykö mikä yliopisto tää on, en muista)

With holiday greetings!



and sorry for not posting anything in ages! I was in England last couple of weeks and couldn't post anything from there... but I had sooo great time there! First week I was camping in Soul Survivor. And during 2nd week I visited Wales (in Harlech, which is very nice place) and Cambridge (I even went punting). Of course I was busy knitting: 2 hamsters, 1 dog, 1 cow, 1 rabbit or mouse thing, 1 purse. I bought some yarn and hopefully I'm able to share some pics soon!