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Frog-projects and new ideas

I've been sick this week, I don't know what it is. Most likely just a "normal" flu, but still I haven't felt like doing anything, except to go to school. After a long almost-a-battle I finally managed to finish my next #uglyarn project, which is a total frog 🐸.
I think I had a quite good yarn to fit the pattern I had the right needles, but somehow when I knitted the shirt with a 3months pattern I ended up with a shirt that fits a 2yr old. HOW did that happen?????I don't think that there is something seriously wrong with my knitting, but I didn't check the gauge (well I never do that if I have right yarn and right needles), but maybe I should've done that this time.
Next project are gloves made from yarn that has to be from the eighties, I got the first glove done and started the 2nd. Pattern is from garnstudio and I found the snowflake chart from Ravelry.

Annnndd I've been going through my stash and then I decided that I needed more safety eyes, …

Octopus Family *free pattern

Hello all and happy weekend!

I had time to write down my octopus family pattern yesterday. I had taken down a few notes about how I did the octopus family. This is just a quick note about how I made them, so I think that there might be a few mistakes and spelling errors in the pattern. So please tell me, if you find them.
We had a not-so-good light when taking the pictues, so this has to do. I'll take better ones after I get my ocean setting done :)

I decided to name the The Takotsubo family, takotsuba is a japanese octopus catching equipment or at least that is what I've been told. Takotsubo is also also a problematic heart thing, some people call the syndrome of a broken heart.

But now for the pattern notes (in US terms):

Stash treasures and childhood memories

Hello all,
There has been just so much to do during past week, some things were very stressful and other things also a bit sad, but I've noticed that God is good all the time and I'm so glad that we are blessed with a weekend 😄, and sheep that produce wool and that someone has invented how to make cotton yarn 💗
As I went through my stash for my 'let's use all ugly yarns' - projects, I found an old skein of felting yarn. I bought it to knit slippers at least ten years ago and now I finally did them and I'm so happy. They're supercomfy and I just love the color, it is absolutely my favourite color. Of course I ran out of the yarn, but luckily I had at least couple of years older yarn lying around. I combined them and got my super cute extragirly ballerina slippers. And because I could I added cute buttons too.

I had a test on Friday about skin disordes and of course you need some de-stressing stuff to do after studying day and night, I started my 1st Under-…

'Toy factory' feeling

This weekend I've totally felt that I have a toy factory in my room! I've had couple of unfinished softies hanging around and I still have, but yesterday and today I got around to finish them.
This is what my table looked like on Friday evening.
I had #uglyarn toys to make. I had an old yarn called Novita Palma, I think it is a bulky soft yarn and all in all quite pain to knit or crochet yarn. You really can't redo a thing if you miss. Last sunday I knitted the pig and past week I made the monkey. I'm so happy with both of them, it took at least two lectures to figure out how to knit fingers and toes for the monkey and how to make the nose. They're both about 40cm tall (so rather big).

I did some sketches about both pig and monkey to make knitting easier. When you have a yarn that is pain to redo, you want to get everything done on the first go. Even the tails. Feet and hands were easier to design with the pig and using Google picture search certainly helped …