Frog-projects and new ideas

I've been sick this week, I don't know what it is. Most likely just a "normal" flu, but still I haven't felt like doing anything, except to go to school. After a long almost-a-battle I finally managed to finish my next #uglyarn project, which is a total frog 🐸.
I think I had a quite good yarn to fit the pattern I had the right needles, but somehow when I knitted the shirt with a 3months pattern I ended up with a shirt that fits a 2yr old. HOW did that happen?????I don't think that there is something seriously wrong with my knitting, but I didn't check the gauge (well I never do that if I have right yarn and right needles), but maybe I should've done that this time.
Next project are gloves made from yarn that has to be from the eighties, I got the first glove done and started the 2nd. Pattern is from garnstudio and I found the snowflake chart from Ravelry.

Annnndd I've been going through my stash and then I decided that I needed more safety eyes, and do you know what happens when you start surfing the great seas of Amazon, you buy something extra:
I got some knitting needles (18 pairs, 40cm and 60cm) and I'm sooooo happy. Well these are not the eyes I'm waiting for but I found these funny eyes too. Of course I bought regular eyes but those haven't arrived yet.
Ahh, when will I have the time to do some more amigurumi? I can't wait to get super funny looking toys done 😄😃😊.

Funny eyes and new needles