'Toy factory' feeling

Friday evening
This weekend I've totally felt that I have a toy factory in my room! I've had couple of unfinished softies hanging around and I still have, but yesterday and today I got around to finish them.
This is what my table looked like on Friday evening.
I had #uglyarn toys to make. I had an old yarn called Novita Palma, I think it is a bulky soft yarn and all in all quite pain to knit or crochet yarn. You really can't redo a thing if you miss. Last sunday I knitted the pig and past week I made the monkey. I'm so happy with both of them, it took at least two lectures to figure out how to knit fingers and toes for the monkey and how to make the nose. They're both about 40cm tall (so rather big).

I did some sketches about both pig and monkey to make knitting easier. When you have a yarn that is pain to redo, you want to get everything done on the first go. Even the tails. Feet and hands were easier to design with the pig and using Google picture search certainly helped with monkey feet. I got the idea for yellow monkey, from an adorable baby monkey.

And then I've almost finished with my little brother's THE ICE HOCKEY player that I started knitting last spring (yes, it has been in my basket of unfinished toys for that long) and he brought to me couple of weeks ago saying: "SIS,WHEN are you going to finish this? You started this a YEAR ago!". So I guess I had to knit him ready. Hi is still missing a sort of a logo and his hockey stick and number. I had ran out of blue DK yarn and I had to wait for a week for the yarn delivery to the post office (it is so easy to order yarn online, I'm so happy about that πŸ˜„)

He has skates that I made out of black and silver yarn, I had (well my sister had) silver yarn, she was once supposed to knit a princess, but that didn't happen.I just came up with the clothes helmet as I knitted. I didn't have a pattern that I used. I combined fingering, DK and Aran yarn, it wasn't that smart to do.

THE helmet
And the helmet has a clear plastic what-is-it-called.  I just cat a laminated bookcase in to pieces and then just sew it to place. I'm not that happy with the helmet design, it looks a bit like a riding helmet. First it looked like a traditional Lapland hat, so I guess it's a bit better though when it resembles a helmet.

I noticed that my dolls' head tend to get too heave and then they're constantly nodding. I came up with an idea to insert an ice cream stick inside, so now they're a bit better.

 Next week I have test coming, but I promise to try to design my new pattern during next weekend, IF I get my yarn delivery by then (they have a sale now, so I think I'm spending a bit too much on yarn, but hwy, who cares? You can always have a new stashbusting campaign after #uglyarn πŸ˜‚).

- Minttusuklaa