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Ollie Owl *free pattern*

Hello and happy December!

This December has probably been busiest in my life Uni had been so hectic and knitting socks for Xmas presents for my siblings is nice, but it takes time. I'm not the quickest sock-knitter in the world (believe me, I am rather slow), even one of the guys at my school told me that I am a slow knitter. Of course I was mad at him, but he made my day by complimening my scarf, which took about 300grams of yellow yarn and 6 hours. So basically I had to forgive him (later he admitted that he compered me to his grandmother...)

So as a snack between socks, I knitted a little owl (he was supposed to be a teddy at first) and for once I had my pens and papers near and I wrote the pattern down. He is super easy and quick to knit.

You need: Oddments of white, brown, orange, blue and light brown DK 8ply yarn. Needles size 2,5mm Stuffing Pieces of black and orange felt for beak and eyes
Body and head (make 1) Cast on 17 stitches with light brown yarn. P1 row Next row: K…