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Stripey (sewing tutorial) *free pattern*

Hello all,

I finally got my new computer to work and hence I'm able to continue blogging (I broke the on/off button in my old computer) and lost my all patterns and pictures I was working. You can guess how devasted I am for losing few unpublsihed patterns and also my old patterns and a few pattern bookletes. (I made a copy of most of my folders, but not all)
But that is enough of ranting, now for the business itself: Remember the stripey fellow I made some time ago. I made another doll and decided to share the tutorial for the doll. It's my first time trying to make a sewing pattern, so please tell me if the tutorial has some problems.

You need (Click pictures to enlarge them):
Stripey and skin colour jersey/tricot fabric

Cut following pieces from the stipey fabric:
2 pieces (8cm x 14cm) for the body
2 pieces (6cm x 21 cm) for the legs
2 pieces (6cm x 16 cm) for the arms

Cut 4 round pieces (diamter 16cm) and one round piece (diameter 28 cm) from the skin-col…