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I have had a long break from posting, but at least I have pretty good explanations about it, we had our finals this year and try going through all the things that have been thaugth to you during these past four years, that's a lot of studying to do. And most of the evenings your'e just so tired that you can't motivate yourself to do anything except a little jogging.

But now I had a two week holiday and it was bliss, I had time to do shopping and use my dress fabrics I bought months ago.
I really like dresses, always like the and now that I had a holiday I had every reason to make them. And I found our local fabric shop. It is so cute and small, but I love these countryside fabricshops, stacked with fabrics from floor to ceiling and the atmosphere is just special.
But for the dresses:
I'm quite happy with them actually, I made one for parties, one for work and one is for next spring/summer. I still have two fabrics to use, one asian style silk and one summerdress…