I have had a long break from posting, but at least I have pretty good explanations about it, we had our finals this year and try going through all the things that have been thaugth to you during these past four years, that's a lot of studying to do. And most of the evenings your'e just so tired that you can't motivate yourself to do anything except a little jogging.
My two new favourites :)

But now I had a two week holiday and it was bliss, I had time to do shopping and use my dress fabrics I bought months ago.
I really like dresses, always like the and now that I had a holiday I had every reason to make them. And I found our local fabric shop. It is so cute and small, but I love these countryside fabricshops, stacked with fabrics from floor to ceiling and the atmosphere is just special.
But for the dresses:
I'm quite happy with them actually, I made one for parties, one for work and one is for next spring/summer. I still have two fabrics to use, one asian style silk and one summerdress fabric. I have this crazy idea to try to sew my own qi pao/cheongsam style, but that needs to wait until I've gotten rid of this crazy flu.

This one is the more for home or work use, I kinda messed up the squares with the top part, I adjust the squares the wrong while cutting the front piece on fold, I don't know what was I thinking...
The fabric is nice, but I still need to make a few adjustments to the hem. But aren't we all still learning? It would actually be pretty boring if there wasn't anything left to improve in our sewing skills, right?

 This is probably one of the craziest ideas I've had, this pattern was for a silk dress. I used cotton, with spots and tried to imagene how the dress would look like. I had to change to direction of the pleats, but it turned out very nice. Because I'm short, I had to shorten hem and now it is 2cm too short, well but that doesn't bother me too much. I still love this dress.

 The party dress turned out pretty well, the fabric is i-have-no-idea-how-old and it is from a supermega sale, bought it for probably 2euros and thought it would make a nice dress for a little girl, but instead I got a magazine with just the right dress pattern for this fabric and this turned out soooo nice.
 It was easy to sew actually, I was scared at first that it wouldn't fit, but actually now it is perfect.
Every dress is made with an invisible zipper, and I love the my sewing machine's foot for invisible zippers that I bought for my wedding dress. So if you don't own that kind of thing, meaning the part for your sewing machine, I advice you to get one. They're very easy to use, at least with a youtube tutorial.

- Minttusuklaa