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Well, unfortunately I haven't finished anything yet. GREAT! I've been working with my socks for almost three weeks now. (Seriously, sometimes I'm just so slow). But surprise, surprise! I've been thinking my new pattern and I already have a SUPER great idea what I'm going to do.
And all get my socks ready in few days, so then I have something to show you. LOL!
But now I'm going bact to my studies, which are limits and derivatives.

Happy rainy days!!

Project updates

How are you doing? I'm busy (as always. LOL!!!), but I'm glad I've been able to do some crocheting and knitting! I've started a scarf (it's half done) and a pair of socks. (Not even in halfway). School is going well, of course I have a lot of work to do and learning Spanish can be hard with all the ways how to use verbs. Well I'm going to post more when I get something done.

Kiirettä on taas pitäny, mutta onneksi on ollut hyppäreillä aikaa neuloo ja virkata. Alotin huivin (se on melkein puolivälissä) ja sitten sukkaparin (Oon vasta ensimmäisen sukan varren saanu aikaiseksi). Koulun kanssa on ollut kiirettä ja voin vakuuttaa, että espanja subjunktiivin ja preteritin opiskelu on rankkaa.

My bag and mittens/ Laukku ja kämmekkäät

Picutres are here as I promised:

My new bag (pattern from Suuri Käsityölehti) and my mittens pattern from (Only in Finnish) here.Both were really easy and super quick to make. I guess I'm gonna make anothor pair of mittens for my little sis ('cause she wanted them as birthday gifts)...

Tällaiset olen nyt sitten tällä kertaa saanut aikaiseksi. Laukku Suuren käsityölehden ohjeilla ja kämmekkäät Ullan ohjeella. Molemmat oli helppo toteuttaa ja aikaa meni tosi vähän.

-Best wishes!!!!!-

(Almost) Weekly update

Hello again!
Isn't knitting fun? I've been knitting for my mittens now and I'm almost finished! Hooray!!! So probably I can post the pictures soon. I've been quite busy with my school, having 2 courses of maths can be tiring... Well, I'm glad that my teachers are good! I've also sewn a bag, and I can tell you that it's really REALLY pretty. It's made out of green fabric and it has two buttons as decoration. When I find my little bro's camera I'm gonna take the photos. (This is a promise...)
Also having a baby in the house is great! I just love taking care of my new bro. He's so cute! I've thought about knitting few socks for siblings and I've been looking for good patterns for 10ply yarn, but I haven't found so good ones yet. Well, probably I have to improvise something. If you have any good tips, please tell me.