(Almost) Weekly update

Hello again!
Isn't knitting fun? I've been knitting for my mittens now and I'm almost finished! Hooray!!! So probably I can post the pictures soon. I've been quite busy with my school, having 2 courses of maths can be tiring... Well, I'm glad that my teachers are good! I've also sewn a bag, and I can tell you that it's really REALLY pretty. It's made out of green fabric and it has two buttons as decoration. When I find my little bro's camera I'm gonna take the photos. (This is a promise...)
Also having a baby in the house is great! I just love taking care of my new bro. He's so cute! I've thought about knitting few socks for siblings and I've been looking for good patterns for 10ply yarn, but I haven't found so good ones yet. Well, probably I have to improvise something. If you have any good tips, please tell me.