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Land of amigurumi


Spring is finally here, at least I can see flowers starting to bloom, while walking back from work.
We visited Japan few weeks ago and it was super amazing. Commuting from place to place was done by trains/metro, so I had time to do some crocheting there. And hey, where does the word amigurumi come from?
Where I live, you can get as cute phone decorations or clothes as in Japan (that is my personal opinion and not a fact). People were friendly, eating out was probably cheaper than in Finland and we don't have that many Sakura flowers in Finland. I didn't know that there were so many different colors of Sakura flowers.
 Mostly I made small amigurumis and gave them to people we met. These two are probably my favourites: a duck and a cat. I'll post the pattern next week(at least I try)

- Minttusuklaa