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Tomorrow starts December!!! And it means 24days to Xmas and for me knitting presents. Luckily I've already finished few, but I still haven't all the presents for my little siblings. So I'll be busy. :)
My schoolbag, which I've used for past year, is well-used ans I decided that I needed new and this is what I made last weekend, the pattern is from Husqvarna Viking's website, named weekend bag. And I have to admit, that it is not well written.
And because black fabric looked boring I decided to add a blue zipper and lil' knitted koala.

Hetkinen ,huomenna alkaa joulukuu. Eeeeiiii apua! Onneks oon jo alottanut muutaman joululahjan, mutta sisarusten lahjat on kokonaan kesken. Tulee kiire. Tällaisen kassin sain aikaiseks viime viikonloppuna ja koalankin (ja sinisen vetskarin) tein sitten mukaan, kun musta kassi olis ehkä ollu vähän tylsä.


Reminder of summer/Kesämuistutus


It's already November and almost half way through it, time really does fly. I've been busy studying and learning new things about different types of epithelia and stuff like that, I even tried to take a blood sample from my finger, but my hands were cold and I didn't get a decent drop of blood that easily. It snowed here few weeks back, but now everything is rather brown and dull. And that's all the ranting and babbling.

I finished this little cutie today, her name is Hortensia and she's probably the cutest ami I've made so far. The pattern is my own and the yarn I used was Novita Kotiväki and the hook size 2mm, so she's is pretty small. At first she was supposed to be a Grandma bunny, but I didn't get her hat right so I made her a gardener instead.

Siis kohta on jo marraskuun puoliväli, ja mun mielestä muutama viikko sitten oli vielä kesäloma. Ai kauhee kun aika menee nopeesti. Meillä ei tietty oo enää lunta ja kaikki on tasaisen ruskeaa ja märkää…