Monday, July 30, 2012

The King of the jungle/Viidakon kuningas

And happy end of July to everyone. Well, I still have a week left before my summerjob begins and I've been busy. (Blueberries are just too good to be left in the forest)
But anyway, here is my new tenant in the Mint Village. His name is brobably Late Leijona (Larry in English) and at first he was supposed to be a bird. But somehow I managed to turn the yellow in to a lion. The body part was easy, but I really disliked crocheting the hair on his head. Hair is attached straigh to the head and I didn't to it separately. Poor fellow has just to rows of hair, hope he doesn't mind...

Heippa taas,
Mustikka-aika alkaa jo mennä ohi ja ensi viikolla jatkuukin taas työt, mutta onneksi on vielä viikko lomaa jäljellä. Tällaisen pienen Late Leijonan sain väsättyä, kaverista piti tulla lintu alkujaan. Mutta jotenkin keltaisesta langasta vaan muotoutui leijona. Kyllä vartalo oli helppo virkata, mutta harjan kanssa meinas kyllä pinna pettää. Virkkasin harjan suoraan päähän kiinni ja leijonaparalla on vaan kaksi riviä harjaa.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

*Miss Monkey* free pattern

I finished my pattern and I have to say that after awhile writing down patterns is actually quite hard.
Meet little Miss Monkey, I made her a doctor since my Mint Village doesn't have one already.
But now for the pattern:

You need:
Brown yarn (I used Menita Cotton Dream)
White yarn or lighter brown yarn
DPNs to match the yarn and gauge ( I used 2,5mm needles)
Safety eyes
Oddments of light brown, red and pink yarn
(Felt or yarn for the nose piece)

Legs (make 2):
Cast on 9sts
1st row: P1 row
Next row: K1, *m1,k1* to the end. P1row
Next row: K1, *m1,k1* to the end.
St-st 5 rows.
Next row: K7,k2tog 3 times, skpo, k3, k2tog 4 times, k7. P1 row
Next row: K4, k2tog 3 times, skpo, k1, k2tog 4 times, k4. P1 row
Next row: K3, k2tog 2 times, k3tog, k2tog 2 times, k3. P1 row
In the beginning of next row k2tog (you should have 10sts). You can knit the rest of the leg flat or i-cord. I tried both ways and I think i-cord is quicker.
St-st 48 rows (or as many as you want, depending on the length of the leg)
Cast off.

Cast on 26 sts. P1row
Next row: K1, *m1, k5* to the end. P1row
Next row: K1, *m1, k6* to the end. P1row
Next row: K1, m1, k39, m1, k1* to the end.
St-st 15 rows
Next row: K2, *k2tog, k4* to the end. P1row
Next row: K2, *k2tog, k3* to the end. P1row
Next row: K2, *k2tog, k2* to the end. P1row
Next row: K2, *k2tog, k1* to the end. Cut yarn and pull it through the remaining stitches.

Cast on 13 stitches. P1row:
Next row: K1, *m1, k1* to the end. P1 row
Next row: K1, *m1, k4* to the end. P1 row
Next row: K3, *m1, k4* to the end. P1 row.
Make 2 sts at the beginning and the end of next row. (You add 4 stitches in total this row, and should have 42 stitches)
St-st 17 rows
Next row: K2, *k2tog, k2* to the end. P1 row
Next row: K2, *k2tog, k1* to the end. P1 row
Next row: K2tog to the end.
Cut yarn and pull it through remaining stitches.

Arms (make2)
Cast on 10sts. P1row
Next row: K1, *m1, k1* to the end.
St-st 5 rows
Next row: K1, *k2tog, k1* to the end. P 1 row
Next row: K1*k2tog, k1* to the end.
Work as an i-cord (or flat if you prefer) about 36 rows. Cast off.

Ears (make 2):
Work in g-st.
Cast on 8sts. Knit 2 rows.
Next row: K2tog, k4, k2tog.
Next row: K2tog, k2, k2tog.
Next row: K2tog 2 times.
Cut yarn and pull it through remaining stitches.


Legs: Stuff and sew the feet. If you knitted the piece flat, sew the back seam (don't stuff). Make a knot to the leg (as a knee). It should look like this:

Arms: Stuff and sew the palm. Make a knot in the middle of the arm (as an elbow).
Head: Sew the back seam (and add safety eyes, you can also embroider eyes after you've stuffed the head). Stuff head.
Body: Sew the back seam and stuff.
Sew legs, arms and head to the body. Sew ears to the head.
Cut a round piece of (diameter felt for nose piece. (You can also knit or crochet this piece if you want). Sew below the eyes. Embroider nose and mouth to the piece.
You can add a tail if you want.

Cast on 5sts. St-st about 5cm, cast off. Make a knot to the end and attach tail to the body.

Needles size 3mm and white yarn.
Cast on 12 sts. St-st about 7,5cm cast off.
Fold the piece to look like a bag and sew the sides. I corcheted the bag's handle and embroidered the little red cross on it. 

My little brother calls her Peso, because of this TV-series.

Happy knitting! I hope to see many cute monkeys in the future.


p.s. The pattern isn't tested, please tell me if you find any errors. 
p.s.2. I don't hate comments...

Copyright Minttusuklaa, you can sell toys made from this pattern, but don't sell the pattern itself or claim it as your own.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer sales/kesä-ale

Well my local yarn store had a sale and it was my payday, so you can probably guess the result... Suprise, I bought only 5 skeins of yarn, bamboo needles and random other things ( and a couple of old sewing magazines, but those were from second hand shop, were they also had a sale). I'm actually quite happy about everything I bought, though I have no clue what I'm going to do with a single skein of dark blue cotton yarn... Probably more birds? Brown skeins are for my new pattern (I've already done legs and body) and it should be ready some day next week (hopefully.) :)

Lähilankakaupassa oli kesäale!!! No itse asiassa mukaan tarttui vain viisi lankakerää, bambupuikot ja pari käsityölehteä (jotka oli tarjouksessa kirpparilla). Kaiken kaikkiaan mä oon tyytyväinen saldoon, eikä rahatilannekaan pahemmin kärsinyt tuhlailusta. Kaikelle muulle kyllä olen keksinyt käyttöä, mutta yksinäinen tummansininen puuvillalankakerä kyllä aiheuttaa päänvaivaa. Mitä ihmettä siitä tekis... Ehkä teen lisää omituisia lintuja... Ruskeet langat on uutta ohjetta varten ja tummansininen mambo on uutta talvipipoa varten.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Holiday hello!

I've been away,without Internet and with reindeer (my sister counted 32) and mosquitos (I counted 2 billion), for over a week. Reading, orienteering, hanging with family, swimming, catching a flu etc. I just love holidays! Of course I took my crochet and knitting supplies with me and even though I haven't done anything proper (I got the idea for my new pattern though), I still wanted to share this little bird with you. Pattern is my own (didn't write it down. Maybe I  do that when I finish the yellow one).