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Wedding dress Final part

Hello dear readers!

I got married yesterday and so far I've liked my married life. This past month was very hectic but I managed to get my dress done in the end.
I had so many troubles during the process, but the dress turned out fabulous. It took weeks to finish, but it was totally worth every tear, all the sweating and blood stains on the white fabric. My wedding was just so perfect!
Almost everything I wore on my day was DIY: my dress, petticoat, bolero, veil, rose for hair. Well the shoes I bought.
So because this is a knitting/crocheting/sewing blog,  I need to give out basic insturctions or ideas for people that want to make their own wedding dress/evening dress
I'll post the picture of the finished dress after I get back from my short trip and I have time to go through all the pics taken from wedding.

This  posting is about the dress, I'll make next post about other wedding accesories
1) Take your time deciding the pattern and consider different options
2) Choose fa…