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New mittens

I finally finsihed my mittens (today at school). How can knitting take so much time? Well, it just can... But now I need ideas for x-mas presents... What could I do fo my parents, grandparents an lil siblings? Something that is quick. Any good ideas?

Knitting season

Hooray, (that was ironic...)
Today the temperature was below for the first time this fall and it means time for new hats, mittens, socks etc. I took out my knitting needles and started a pair of mittens... (Not ready yet, but soon) I need them for next week, 'cause mornings are going to get colder and my fingers turn blue (honestly) if I stand outside in the cold.
Mum asked me to knit socks (probably I'm going to make), but knitting socks is booooring. I'll probably knit few hats as X-mas presents and I've tried to find a good pattern for wristwarmers.
Now I'm off to knit!

Almost back to school

my summer holiday ends on monday. (And I'm haveng really comlicated thoughts about it) So just to celebrite the start of school I made a new bag for it, but I'm not really good at taking pics of bigger things...
I need to work on that I guess...
Instead I finally found that poor piggy which I stared in June, and she still doesn't have any clothes.

Koulu alkaa taas maanantaina (Enkä oikein tiedä olisiko väärinpäin ja oikeinpäin) Mutta tein sitten kuitenkin uuden kassin koulua varten (kuvat tulee sitten, kun saan siedettävännäköisiä otoksia). Löysin kesäkuussa aloittamani possuparan kassinpohjalta, enkä vielä onnistunut tekemään vaatteitta.



During the summer when I was watching tv, my mum came to my room and suggested that I should make something while watching. So I invented a little teddy that is easy and quick to make [about 45mins (just an episode)]. These lil cute fellows are the first two. And now I'm making a yellow one.

Katsoin tässä eräänä päivänä telkkaria, äiti tuli huoneeseen ja ehdotti, että tekisin jotain . Niinpä keksin nallen, jonka virkkaamiseen menee aikaa yhden jakson verran. Tässä nämä ensimmäiset kaksi ja keltainen versio on kovaa kyytiä valmistumassa.


Jimmy Hedgehog *free pattern*

Hi,This is what I've been working with since june (I'm not kidding). I saw a little hedgehog one evening at summercamp and I just wanted to make one. I just looooooove hedgehogs, once a whole hedgehog family lived under our stairs. It was mom and six little hedgehogs.

And now for the pattern:

You need
Needles size 3mm and 2.5mm
Light brown yarn ( I used DK yarn)
Furry yarn
Something for making the face

Use smaller needles with furry yarn and bigger ones with "normal" yarn.

Legs (make 2)
Cast on 13sts with light brown yarn.
Next row: K1, [m1, K1] repeat [_] to the end.
Beg with P row st-st 5rows.
Next row: [K3, k2tog] repeat [_] to the end.
Next row: [P2, P2tog] repeat [_] to the end.
Next row: [K2, k2tog] repeat 3 times, K1, k2tog.
Beg with P row st-st 18 rows.
Cast off. Sew legs and stuff.

Body (make one piece with light brown and one piece with furry yarn)
Cast on 17sts. P1 row
Next row: K1, [m1, K4] repeat [_] to the end.
Beg with P row st-st 15 rows.


Have you ever felt like that summer days are too short, 'cause there's just too much other stuff to do? I've been driving for my lisence, training, tauching my little sisters to knit, crochet and sew. I've also thaught my little brother some English. And of course learning japanese and doing some corcheting myself.
This is just a quick update before we head out to our holiday: Pawless lil miss piggy! I started crocheting her about half hour ago. She's gonna be hanging in my bag soon.

Ikinä tuntunut, siltä että kesäpäivät on vaan liian lyhyitä kun yksinkertaisesti on liikaa tekemistä. Ajat ajokorttia, treenaat kisoja varten, opetat pikkusiskoja neulomaan ja virkkaamaan ja ompelemaan farkkuja. Ja lisäks pikkuveljelle vielä englantia. Ja itse sitten opiskelet vielä japania ja yrität neuoloa ja virkata itse.
Tälläisen lähes valmiin pikkupossun oon tänään väsännyt.

One busy girl


This little cutie was supposed to be a polar bear, but it really doesn't look like one. So I was wondering what animal this lil thing resembles, any ideas? He looked a little cold so I decided to knit him a scarf.
Pattern is my own, but I didn't take it down yet, I just wanted to show him. My friend brought me a GIANT skein of pure white yarn so my knitted stuff has mainly been white. I've tried to use that yarn, but still there's no end. Arrrggghhh....
He's about 18cm tall and I found safety eyes from my box. I think he turned out pretty well right? I guess he feels lonely and needs friend. Probably a little sister to take care of?Tästä pikku söpöliinistä piti tulla jääkarhu. Mutta jotenkin lopputulos ei aivan nalle muistuta... Mikäköhän eläin/otus mahtais olla? Ohjeen keksin ite, mutten jaksanu muokata julkaisu kuntoon vielä. Pikkuotus vaikkuti palelevan, joten neuloin hänelle kaulaliinan vielä nopeasti.
Sain tutulta aivan vaaaaaaaltavan kerän puhtaanvalkoista…

I know, I know...

Long time no posts...
I know that... I've studied hard for my entrance examen (I pray I got in this time, otherwise I have to take examen again next year) for months, so I haven't had time to knit, crochet, sew or sleep. Sorry about not posting anything since april... ;_;
I've just slept and I've started studying for my driver's license... Yippee!

But now is summer holiday, so I'm working on my new pattern which is jungle-themed again!! I'm not sure when the pattern is ready but hopefully soon.
I hope I'll get somtehnig new finshed quick. Or at least before the results are out...


Froggies (ribbet, ribbet)

I officially became a frog-addict! I was bored (I had a billion things to do also...but...) and these lil' cuties were born. They are the coolest bunch of frogs ever. Probably I have to make up a knitted version of the forggie, I haven't knitted anything in ages. I've been to sewing lately... shirts and stuff like that. Just too boring to blog about. These cuties were quck to sew and after my friends saw the froggies they also wanted to make one. ^_^ Saku sammakko & co. Mitä muuta voi sanoa? Iso kasa raitatrikoota ja tylsä ilta, tarviiko enempää sanoa? Tuloksena kasa rimppakinttu sammakoita roikkumaan verhoihin ja ikkunalle. Saumuri on vaan niin näppärä vähjä ja kun se vielä kaiken lisäksi on koko ajan pöydällä niin aina välillä iskee inspiraatio (suomenkielen hämärin ilmaisu ikinä...) ja tulee tehtyä kaikkea kivaa.

Hopefully spring's here soon!



I haven't sewn in ages!! And I mean it. I can blame busy studying of course (uni isn't the easiest thing in the world, you know...) But today I decided to sew with my 6yr old sis. I have to admit that I'm much better in knitting and crocheting amigurumi than sewing toys. The head isn't round enough and her dress is not that pretty and the face, Arrrrgghhh! Embroiding is really a pain. ;_; But I guess this little bunny is still really cute, right? The pattern was from this bookTällaisen sain tänään tänään väsättyä. Söpö eikö niin? Mun täytyy tunnusttaa, että lelujen ompelu ei todellakaan ole mun lempipuuhaa. Mä en vaan ikinä ole tyytyväinen lopputulokseen.


Cupcakes anyone?

and meet these fat-free, calor-free, sugar-free fellows. They're hard to digest, but they look really good together right? They're perfect for the diet after christmas right?
I overstuffed the pink one and didn't put enough stuffing to blue. LOL... I'm glad it doesn't show in the picture. If anyone wants the pattern... sorry the recipe, I can write it down.


New yarn/Uutta lankaa

Hooray, I got new yummy yarn.Actually I won this in a crocheting competition. (I placed second)

Holiday's over

School started again and finally I had a minute to update this lil blog. X-mas was freeeeeezing and snowy here and I had time to teach my lil sister to crochet, she was soooooo happy when I had time to do that. Hopefully I have time to teach her to sew and knit too.
I didn't do anythign special during holidays, but I (suprise, suprise) bought four skeins of yellow yarn and now I have 8 inches left to knit my super-long and warm scarf.

Happy new year 2011,