I haven't sewn in ages!! And I mean it. I can blame busy studying of course (uni isn't the easiest thing in the world, you know...) But today I decided to sew with my 6yr old sis. I have to admit that I'm much better in knitting and crocheting amigurumi than sewing toys. The head isn't round enough and her dress is not that pretty and the face, Arrrrgghhh! Embroiding is really a pain. ;_; But I guess this little bunny is still really cute, right? The pattern was from this bookTällaisen sain tänään tänään väsättyä. Söpö eikö niin? Mun täytyy tunnusttaa, että lelujen ompelu ei todellakaan ole mun lempipuuhaa. Mä en vaan ikinä ole tyytyväinen lopputulokseen.