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Daily Project

I decided to (try) make a project in every day of February, called a daily project challenge! I've already decided what things I want to make, and I hope I'll be able to accomplish most of them.
With snowy wishes!

First finished 2010!/Ekat projektit

Drumroll please, ' cause here they are my first fnished projects of 2010!
Little bunny and a black apple doll!
Pattern for bunny is from Debbie Bliss's book, called Toy Knit and
pattern for the doll is here.

Hurraa! Tässä on vuoden 2010 ekat valmiit projektit!!

Digital scrapbooking/digi-skräppäystä

I found this great site and of course I had try a little. (I was supposed to do my physics)This is my first attempt to digital scrapbooking:
It's not perfect, but I just love it!!!!!!!

P.s. The cute guy in the picture is my 3-month old little bro. He has just as much hair and that same cute smile.

In search of ideas...

I've finished a lot of stuff now. And my mind is completely blank, so I really need few ideas what to do next. I've thought about knitting something for my 3-months old little bro or starting a new pair of socks for my sis. But I'm not sure. Do you have any good ideas?

And surprisingly I haven't still found the camera for the pictures. LOL!

New projects

Hello, and happy this year!

My Christmas was super busy, we visited both our grandparents and I ate a lot of good food. In Finland we usually eat ham, rice porridge, gingerbreads and herring/salmon for christmas. I'm glad I still had time to do some knitting. I've knitted a hat (Actually two) and I finsihed a little rabbbit yesterday. I'm going to post photos soon, but I haven't found my lil bro's camera yet.
My school stared last thursday and I'm busy doing math and biology. I also started to study for my university entrance examen, which is in may.

Joulunaika oli tosi kiireistä, me oltiin molemmilla isovanhemilla kyläilemässä ja tuli syötyä paljon hyvää ruokaa. Kinkku on tosi hyvää, mutta laatikot minä jätän suosillla edelleen syömättä. Mä oon tosi tyytyväinen, että kerkesin neuloa edes vähän. Sain aikaseksi pari hattua ja eilen väsäsin taas yhden iäisyysprojektin loppuun.
Koulu alkoi torstaina ja nyt on sit taas äikkää, matikkaa ja bilsaa. Aloitin jo itse asiass…