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Happy New Year!!

Happy new year 2014!

I'm currently at my grannie's place watching fireworks outside and even though I've tried taking pictures of them, I just can't capture the beauty of fireworks. I love fireworks!

 I want to thank you all my blogreaders for continuin reading my blog. I've liked your comments, and your likes of my patters on Ravelry, each one of them made me happy :o)
This year has been great, even though I've had so much to do. Being an university student, having a great summer job, taking care of  my lil siblings.Of course there have also been hard and sad moments this past year.  But all in all I'm very grateful of this year 2013!!

God bless your next year!


Hello :)


Hiljaa hyvä tulee... (in Finnish only)

Edellinen viikko on ollut aivan hurjan kiireinen, koulussa vielä viimeinen tentti ja sitten kaikkien mahdollisten joululahjojen valmiiksi tekeminen. Huoh... Luennoilla vaan puikot sauhusi, kun tein (lue: yritin tehdä) loppuja lahjoja valmiiksi. Melkein onnistui, muttei ihan. Vielä on paljon kesken, mutta onneks aikaa on vielä ;)
 Päätintä sitten postaa vielä kuvaa keskeneräisistä tekeleistä tänne ja luottaa siihen, ettei yllätykset ja lopputulokset paljastu:

This time of the year...

Hello all,

This is just a quick post to share what I've been knitting the past week. Surprise surprise I realised that Xmas is in like 19 days, and I still have like 10+ presents to finish and I still have on huge test on anthibioticcs etc. on the friday before Christmas. So now you can guess who has been busy...


ps. I really hope you enjoyed my 1st sewing tutorial.