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Being an uni. student is hard work (trust me it is...) and I'm glad I've found little time to crochet and I've started to plan X-mas present. Early bird gets the worm, or how is it?
Well I'm making something, probably a pig, from the pink yarn and the blue and green thing is going to be a bunny. (And I'm sorry for the crappy picture, I didn't get the flash to work)

Yliopisto-opiskelu on ehdottomasti työtä. Onneksi sentään on jostain välistä löytynyt aikaa käsitöillekin. Ja joululahjojakin oon jo miettinyt vähän valmiiksi...
Pinkistä langasta tulee taas varmaan jonkinlainen possu ja sini-vihreä hökötys muotoutunee jänöksi.

-Minttusuklaa- ^_^


I totally love felting, only I burned my hands a little. But the result is totally worth it. I've made about half a dozen of these little cute hearts. And almost used all my yarn (I'm glad about that though).
The pattern is really simple (these are just the notes I made, but you might be able to do your own hearts)

I used Novita Huopanen and needles size 8mm.

Cast on 1st.
Next row: kfb
Next row: kfb twice
Next row: k1, m1, k2, m1.
Work st-st for the rest of the heart (begin with P row). Add one stitch at each ond of the row, until you have 22sts in total. St-st 3 rows.
Next row: K2tog, k 9. Turn (work the other half with these stitches).
Next row: p8, p2tog.
Next row: k2 tog, k5, k2tog
K2tog at the each end of a knit row, until you have 3sts left. P row. Cast off.
Join the yarn for the for the other half of the heart. Knit it the same way than the other. Make 2 heartpieces. Sew and stuff them (stuff just a little, remember felting makes the piece about 40% smaller than …