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One lazy blogger/Yksi laiska bloggaaja

Once upon a time there was a lazy blogger called Minttusuklaa. Who said always that she was busy with her studying. But actually her hands were workin

g on a project.. Hopefully she'll get it ready by X-mas.

btw sorry for the bad picutre. Lazy blogger didn't have her batteries in camere...

Quick update


I've had a busy week and haven't had time to knit:o( I've made a list (again) what I have to do before winter. I just realized that I need new mittens... The mornings are already really cold here. Autumn's finally here and leaves are turning red and yellow. All trees are really pretty now. It's too boring that it's going to end soon.

Warm hugs!


To be honest, I've never eaten onigiris. Just sushi ^_^ but still I decided to try making some. And suddenly I had 3 kawaii onigiris. Real onigiris are made out of rice, but these are made out of yarn, but I bet they're still delicious. It took about 20 minutes to crhochet one, so this was really quick little project. Hopefully these little rice balls will find a good new backpac to hang. (Now they're hanging on my curtain, but I don't think they'll stay there)Päätinpä tehdä japanilaisia riisipallosia, onigireja. En tosin ole ikinä syönyt muuta japanilaista kuin sushia, mutta näistä veitikoista tuli aivan älyttömän söpöjä. Yhden pallon virkkaamiseen meni vain noin 20 min, joten projekti oli helppo ja nopea. Toivottavasti löytyy jostain jokin mukava reppu, johon nämä kaverit pääsevät roikkuimmaan.