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I just wanted to wish you all:

HaPpy aNd bLeSsed NeW yEAR 2010!!!!!!!

*Berry Baby* (free pattern)

my holiday starts with a new freebie! This little thing is called Berry Baby. Somehow I just missed summer and this is what I did.

You need:
DK Yarn (in skin colour and the colours for the suit, I used red)
Needles size 3mm
Yarn to embroider the face and other stuff, like leaves on the top.

And now for the pattern itself.
NOTE: The pattern isn't tested so if you find any errors, please tell me.

Body and head(make 1):
Cast on with red 13sts. P1 row
Next row: K1, [m1, k1] to the end. P1 row. (25sts)
Next row: K1, [m1, k4] to the end. (36sts)
St-st 17 rows
Next row: K5, k2tog 4 times, k5, k2tog 4 times, k5. P1row
Next row: k4, k2tog 3 times, k3, k2tog 3 times, k4. Change to skin colour. P1row.
Next row, K1, [m1, k1]
St-st 15rows. Break off skin colour, join red. St-st for 4more rows.
Next row: K1, [ k2tog], repeat around. P1 row
Next row: K1, [ k2tog], repeat around. Break off yarn and pull it throug remainig stitches

Arms (make 2)
Cast on 12sts with red. Beginning wiht P row St-st 13 row…

Little mouse/pikku hiiri

This is what I've done this time. It's a xmas gift for my aunt, and hopefully she likes. Pattern is From Tilda's: Crafting Christmas gifts. And the small mouse. Seriously, every time I make Tilda dolls, I choose the same fabrics. Same brown for body and that red fabric for dress. LOL! I don't why I do that, but now I'm running out of that fabric. Probably I should buy some more...
My holiday started yesterday(finally) and even we have snow here. And the weather is super freezing! But it's better than having every place covered with mud. (Some of you probably now, what I'm talking about.)
BTW I've finished my pattern and I'm going to post it tomorrow. It's something that reminds me of summer.

Tällaista olen saanut tällä kertaa aikaiseksi. Pikkuisen Tilda-hiiren tädilleni joululahjaksi ja toivottavasti on mieluinen. Ihan aina kun mä rupeen väsäämään jotain tildajuttuu, mä valitsen aina saman ruskeen kankaan vartaloon ja punaruudullisen …

Piggy stuff/ possuasiaa

Hello kaikki!
I was couple of weeks ago in a market thing selling my toys. It was my 1st time doing that and it was great even though it felt miserable at first. And I'm glad I have more room for new toys now.
One lady ordered some stuff and I decided to share that with you. I made a pig potholder and a little pig keychain. The keychain is so cute that I could make one for myself too.

Onpa kiva taas, että kohta saa syödä hyvää ruokaa. Olin pari viikkoa sitten myymässä pehmo-otuksiani markkinoilla. Se oli eka kerta kun mä tein sitä, ja alkuksi se tuntui aivan kamalalta. Mutta loppujen lopuksi mulla oli tosi kivaa. Ja mää oon tosi onnellinen, että nyt mulla on tilaa uusille pehmoille. Multa tilattiin pari possuaiheista juttua ja päätinkin laittaa niistä kuvat tänne blogiavaruuteen.



Finished stuff

I just wanted to share you this. My finished socks! The yarn is finnish 7-veljestä and knitted with 3.5mm needles.Hugs!
p.s. I'm working on my new pattern right now! Hopefully I get it finished next week...