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Socktober + Mittember


I found my knitting inspiration again and so far I've knitted socks and mittens :) and I'm quite proud of myself. I decided (for once) to knit pretty socks, and not those brainless socks that are knitted without thinking anything. But the socks I made formyself took quite a time, the pattern was great but somehow I messed it up few times and had to reknit many rows (and it didn't help that at the same time I was trying to listen to lecture, and yes we are allowed to knit during lectures). But the result is pretty, so maybe I'll knit white ones for my mom as a Xmas present.
The mittens I've making are actually wristwarmes but I decided to turn them to mittens :)

 This October has been so far the busiest of my life, school has taken most of my time, but I'm glad that I've had time to knit and sometimes even meet my friends. One thing that med school teaches is that you really start to value your spare time. And if I knitted socks in the October, mitte…