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Lil monkey

Snowy greeting for everybody!

This is my newest addition to my Mint Village. Little Snowy,
First she was supposed to be a cow (honestly she was) but somehow she didn't look like a cow so I decided to turn her to a monkey instead. I think she still needs a friend, so probably I'm gonna make her a knitted friend.
Tässä on pikkuapina, joka on ollut valmis jo pitkään, mutta vasta nyt pääsi esittäytymään. Valmistui nopeasti, vaikka ohjetta ei ollut. Ekaksi hänestä piti tulla lehmä, mutta pää jäi liian pieneksi/vartalo liian isoksi, joten lopputuloksena olikin apina.


Secret projects...

It's the time of the year, when my friends and sisters have their birthdays. And I've been busy knitting and thinking what to give them. (I've also thought about how to hide already made presents... My schoolbag is one of the best places). I'll post photos later (i.e. birthday present is a suprise...)