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Dolls of Spring

Hello all

My doll-making fever still continues, this time I finished one that I began knitting probably 2 yrs ago and the sewn on I made yesterday (she's still missing some parts, so I'll post better pics later...).
I had a few little girls visiting and we made cut handbags together. I like working with children even though it took about 13hrs to prepare, seew and finish all the handbags. You can guess who was tired after the day, but when you see all little girls with their beautiful handbags... I just love that feeling.

Spring is here, or is it?


It has been raining and snowing and raining again basically the whole past month. Compared to last winter this winter hasn't felt like a winter at all.

So this is what I just knitted for very spring-coloured yarn... Ok not just, do you remeber my sort-of-a-promise few weeks ago? I began knitting her last summer, but buried her in to the pile of lost projeccts for a while. I'm really glad I got her done and my pile is getting smaller :)
There where at least dozen little pieces to knit and to keep track of, but she turned out really cute. My little miss springtime.
The pattern is Jean Greenhowe's hush-a-bye-baby and I really liked the pattern. It was simple, but not too easy though.