Stash treasures and childhood memories

Hello all,
There has been just so much to do during past week, some things were very stressful and other things also a bit sad, but I've noticed that God is good all the time and I'm so glad that we are blessed with a weekend 😄, and sheep that produce wool and that someone has invented how to make cotton yarn 💗
My new favorites 😍
As I went through my stash for my 'let's use all ugly yarns' - projects, I found an old skein of felting yarn. I bought it to knit slippers at least ten years ago and now I finally did them and I'm so happy. They're supercomfy and I just love the color, it is absolutely my favourite color. Of course I ran out of the yarn, but luckily I had at least couple of years older yarn lying around. I combined them and got my super cute extragirly ballerina slippers. And because I could I added cute buttons too.

I had a test on Friday about skin disordes and of course you need some de-stressing stuff to do after studying day and night, I started my 1st Under-the-sea project: The Octopus Family, and here is a sneak peek from momma and poppa Octopus. They still need kids and some random cuteness added, but that's a project for next week. I'm trying to get the pattern written down with proper pictures this week. The idea for my octopuses came from old pictures that my sister and I used to draw when we were kids. We had at least dozens of different kind of under the sea octopus stories with pictures, and these are crocheted according to those pictures 🐙 (or at least trying to resemble those drawings)

- Minttusuklaa