Midsummer's little panda :)

As probably most of you know, I come from Finland and this year the summer so far has been terribly cold. Even now it is 13 celsius degrees outside. To be honest I really don't like this waether, summers aren't supposed to be this cold, but I'm glad that I have summer job that is mostly an indoor job.
Last week it even snowed in some places here, I'm glad that I missed the summer snow :) (Everywhere I went that day, the sun shone and birds sang).

But I had the past couple of days free so I finished this cute little panda and I decided to name her Hao Hao. The pattern is the same as in the cat, but making a bit different ears and adjusting other measurements I made a panda. (Pandas are probably my favourite animals). The chart for her cupcake dress I found from Ravelry, but the pattern itself is something I just came up with. I'm planning to knit a monkey or a turtle next and my fingers are itching to crochet again. I haven't done any crocheting since Xmas, just knitting and sewing.
I also did some sewing with my smallest sister, but our sewing machine broke down yesterday, I'm glad mom promised to get it fixed next week (I have the best mom in the world). And I started to learn Japanese again :) 

Hyvää kesää kaikille! Jos tätä säätä nyt kesäksi voi sanoa, no ainakin olen tyytyväinen omaan kivaan sisätyöhöni. Onneksi onnistuin kaiken lumen ja rännän missaamaan viime viikolla, joka paikassa missä kävin niin aurinko paistoi ja linnut  lauloi :) 
Sainpahan viimeinkin väkerrettyä pandan valmiiksi kun sain vapaata juhannukseksi. Ohje on oma ja sama kuin kissan, vähän muutin korvia ja muita raajojen pituuksi. Mekon muffinssikuvio löytyi Ravelryä surffattessa, mutta muuten ohje on omasta päästä kehitetty.