Sunday: WIPs and FOs


I've had a great week and a great weekend :) ( I just had to say that...) I was at student meeting this weekend and I had time do to knitting and not-so-much studying.
I started to knit a scarf about week ago and I did some knitting during lectures (again) and this one guy (again) checked my knittting and after a while: "It looks like muscle cells ". Well, way to compliment a knitting project? Don't you think?

And my FO this time is the little kitten, Miss-kitty-in-boots . The pattern is my own, I modified Zackie Zebra pattern and checked my old sketches again. And I think, I managed to knnit her pretty well. I still have bits to modify, but I think she is cute. So maybe in the future I'll try knitting more animals with boots.